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April 2023

Marianne Doyle

Marianne Doyle – Analyst II, Enrollment Services

Marianne Doyle would do whatever it takes to get the job done. Seriously. If she had to work an 80-hour week, she would be willing to do that! In addition to her willingness to do what it takes, she goes above and beyond in every project she touches to make sure that every single detail has been addressed appropriately.

Marianne is always friendly and truly loves to help her colleagues and students be successful at YC. She is the contact person for all course subs from academic advising, for all multiple degree petitions from advisors, and is fully responsible for all degree audit and conferrals every semester. With all of these interactions, if an academic advisor has questions about one of these petitions or has a question about a student's Degree Works record, Marianne is always patient in explaining the issue and is happy to adjust the data if appropriate to fix the problem.

She is a walking encyclopedia for program and degree requirements, and she will devote whatever time is needed to train others or to explain in detail any requirement. She is consistently professional and conscientious, and she exhibits her natural integrity on and off the job. Marianne deserves the Roughrider Salute, and I hope she is chosen. If there is anything else I can say to support this, please let me know. She is an awesome employee. Thank you! Sheila

Lori Couture

Lori Couture- Instructional Designer, TELS Department

Lori’s tireless efforts have assisted in moving the OER initiative forward by providing consultancy to faculty members for open educational resources. Lori has taken a lead role in the design of the course in the bachelor’s degree programs Yavapai College is offering.

Lori’s expertise is expressed in providing a consistent student experience while maintaining an emphasis on design, quality, and legibility in Canvas courses. As an instructional designer, Lori has assisted me in the redesign of EDU 180. Lori’s insightful comments were incorporated into the course redesign. These enhancements directly relate to student success in the course because the course content has been organized for optimum student comprehension. Disaggregating large assignments into smaller assignments one example of how Lori’s expertise has increased student performance and student retention.

Through her work as an Instructional Designer, Lori is an advocate for students, a leader on the Tels team, and an asset to all faculty and students at Yavapai College.

Kaycee Pearson

Kaycee Pearson- Technology Solution Services- Verde Assistant I General

Kaycee is wise and mature beyond her chronological years. She works with our VVC IT Manager Richard Pierce and frequently comes to the Sedona Center to help me and my team with more technical IT tasks.

It is an honor to share two examples of how Kayce Pearson has gone above and beyond to make the learning experience for our lifelong learning students and the teaching experience for our lifelong learning facilitators manageable and pleasant.

#1 During February, Yavapai College Sedona Center and Lifelong Learning Division partnered with the Sedona International Film Festival (SIFF) to host three primary activities: Media Room, VIP Lounge, and Film Workshops. Throughout the week, Richard graciously allowed Kaycee to assist the Sedona Center YC team members and the SIFF staff with technology. On Tuesday morning, the professionals in charge of the SIFF Media Room had a computer crash, which affected their computer and sound equipment. Kaycee stepped in and through careful investigative work was able with guidance from Richard to solve this major snafu. Her clever mind and calm demeanor prevented a disaster, which would have resulted in the cancellation of media interviews live and recorded streaming. Instead the weeklong event was a huge success. The media room professionals shared their positive impression and great appreciation for the time Kayce gave to solving their technological problems.

#2 For our OLLI Spring Term Kick-Off at the Sedona Center, a special presentation "Origins of the Russian-Ukrainian War and Lessons for the Future" given by our new Verde Valley Campus Dean Irina Del Genio was scheduled as a hybrid class that would allow OLLI members in Sedona/Verde Valley to attend in-person and OLLI members in Prescott to participate via Zoom. Because of this special arrangement, I reached out to Richard Pierce to ask for Kaycee's assistance. Kaycee met with our team, including the Dean the week prior to the kick-off to prepared. The day of the event, Kaycee conducted a final prep session and stayed with us through the 75 minute program. Kaycee's technology and communication skills were a huge asset and contributed to the success of our program.

It is a pleasure to work with a person who is confident, skilled, and supportive.