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Tom Aldridge

Tom has gone above and beyond by taking on new duties after a retirement in our department. His reorganized team is off to a great start due to Tom's leadership.

Tom has reached out to both our internal customers and external resources to better understand how we can make improvements. Tom works diligently to make sure our stakeholders have the resources they need to be successful.

Also, Tom has been integral on many recent successful projects including the new Prescott outdoor digital signage, Building L renovation, and the Sharlot Hall Museum's new education center.

Ashley Picard

Ashley has been working for the Allied Health department since 2014 and is one of the college’s unsung heroes.

Ashley is wise beyond her years and has a level of maturity that few of us will ever achieve. I always say that Ashley is like a duck and that she "lets stuff roll off her back". She may not like the situation, but she is results driven and can be counted on to come up with a solution to a problem. She always expresses her opinions appropriately and professionally; she never rants!

Unlike Nursing and Radiology students, Allied Health students do not have any specific scholarships available to them. After discussing this in a department meeting, Ashley assisted the Allied Health Club in organizing an annual Golf Tournament fund raiser with the proceeds benefitting students in allied health. The event is anticipated by the community and participation increases every year.

Ashley was instrumental in converting the Nursing Assistant skills lab into a simulated long- term care facility this summer so that our NA students could complete their clinicals when the pandemic prevented them from going into nursing homes. The students had a good experience and did well on their state competency exams.

Ashley is very flexible and volunteers to cover classes if a peer is ill or on leave, many times without extra pay. She mentors all new faculty and shares her Canvas and course materials without hesitation. She is an excellent team player and can be counted on to work with her peers to create solutions to challenges that arise.

Ashley is married and has three small children, a full-time job with Yavapai College, and a part time job with YRMC. She handles everything that comes her way with an open mind, giving nature, and positive attitude. We are lucky to have her at Yavapai College.

Lisa Raygoza

Lisa has hit the ground running with the Hispanic Outreach Initiative Program. She started this new position just as the challenges of the COVID pandemic began.

As with everything that Lisa sets her mind to do, she has done a wonderful job. She has been developing relationships with the Hispanic business community, local media, and connecting with Hispanic students. She listens well to their needs. She has identified gaps in their education experiences and found areas to better serve the Hispanic community.

Now, she is helping Yavapai College adapt. Her passion is to ensure that Yavapai College offers quality education and specific services to the Hispanic community. Lisa is truly an example of community leadership.

Lisa has also teamed with the Marketing Department to spearhead translating the YC website into Spanish. This has been a complicated, logistic project, and it was seemingly done with ease.