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Canvas Support

Visit the Canvas Community. The Help icon (?) in Canvas gives you access to the Canvas Community Site to find answers, ask questions and connect with other Faculty using Canvas.

Please contact helpdesk@yc.edu or 928-776-2168 for immediate help with online learning issues or other technical problems.

Copying Your Course

  • Go to the course settings in the course you want to copy content TO (typically the new or current course). From the buttons on the right, click "Import content into this course". NOTE: Do not use the "Copy this course" button.
  • Select "Copy a canvas course" from the content type dropdown the Search for a course field should have a dropdown list of your coursesSelect All content and click "Import". We do recommend selecting content and shifting dates. Look at the next item below for instructions.
  • Selecting specific content - this allows you to preview content and do some housekeeping.

Adjusting events and due dates - while this process isn't always 100% accurate, you're going to have to adjust the dates anyway, so why not try it?! Auto-Adjust dates by setting the beginning and ending dates for the past and future courses. Ideally, make these date correspond to the same day of the week from the previous course, too. Click import, and then click the select content button. After selecting the content you want to copy, click select content at the bottom of the box.

If you copy announcements, be aware that if they are not date locked, students may receive all the announcements at once as soon as the course if published.

Preparing for the end of the semester

Canvas courses are not concluded when final grades are submitted in Banner.

The course end date (found in course settings and which instructors can change) determines when each course ends. Students will not be able to interact with the course after that date, but students WILL still have read-only access (except for quizzes) for as long as the course exists, unless you choose to close student access.

Faculty will have access to their courses for as long as the course exists.

Closing Student Access You can close course access by checking “Restrict students from viewing course after end date” in course settings.

Export your gradebook before submitting grades. Guide PageChoosing “Grades” then “Export>Current” will download a .csv file, which you should save wherever you store your course records for safekeeping.

Archive your course(s) Guide Page Choosing “Settings” then the “Export Course Content” button, then “Course” and “Create Export” will create a folder with all your course content (without grades or student interactions), which you download by clicking “New Export: Click here to download”. Save this folder in your course records for safekeeping.

Export assignment submissions, quiz results and discussion boards as desired. Although faculty will have access to assessment records for as long as the course exists, it’s not a bad idea to download some or all of these.

Assignment submissions - Go to the assignment, then choose “Download Submissions” to download a .zip file with the submissions.

Quiz results - Go to the quiz, then choose “Quiz Statistics”, and click either “Student Analysis” or “Item Analysis” to download a .csv of the results.

Discussion boards - Go to the discussion board and print it as a .pdf file (choose pdf as the printer), then save the .pdf file.

Allowing students with "incomplete" grades continued course access 

  1. Go to course Settings>Sections, and “+Add Section” (call it “Incompletes” or whatever works for you). Next, click the name of the new section, then “Edit Section” from the right-side navigation and enter an End Date that corresponds to how long you want to allow the student access to finish. DO Click the “Users can only participate in the course between these dates” box, and then choose “Update Section”. 
  2. In “People”, click the options next to the incompleter’s name, and choose “Edit sections”, then click the new section from the drop down menu and update. AND add yourself to that section!

After completing these steps, the student(s) will have full access to the course to the End Date you entered in the new section.

Assignment Due Dates

You need to ADD new due dates for the Incomplete section. Do not remove existing due dates.

  1. Edit the assignment
  2. Click +Add at the bottom of the existing due date
  3. Add the Incompletes section to the new date along with other date field info.