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What is the YC Promise?

The YC Promise is a financial aid program offering Yavapai County residents who complete their high school diploma or Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED) an opportunity to earn a tuition-free degree at Yavapai College, if they complete the degree within seven semesters after graduation. It provides eligible students a last dollar scholarship, meaning the scholarship will cover tuition not otherwise covered by Federal, State, Yavapai College, or other 3rd party (egs. high school, Yavapai College Foundation, Tribe, employer) grants, discounts, or scholarships.

  • Provides tuition reimbursement when eligible students complete their degree within seven semesters of their high school or GED graduation

  • Does not reimburse other related expenses including, but not limited to, books, course and program fees, or other cost of living expenses such as transportation, food, and housing

  • Reimburses eligible students for the tuition they paid to Yavapai College after all other gift aid has been credited toward tuition. "Gift aid" is defined as Federal, State, Yavapai College, or 3rd party grants, discounts or scholarships.In other words, Yavapai College will reimburse qualified students for any out of pocket expenses they incurred to pay for Yavapai College tuition.

    • When the student completes an Associate Degree, the YC Promise Scholarship will reimburse up to 61 credits of the tuition paid by the student.

    • Courses must have been paid for by the student or the student’s family, not any other source including Federal Government, State Government, Yavapai College, or other 3rd party (e.g., Yavapai College Foundation, high school, Tribe, employer)

    • Courses must have been taken from YC (reimbursement does not apply for transfer credits) after high school graduation or GED completion

    • No reimbursements for repeated courses

    • No reimbursements for Developmental Education credits

    • Credits are reimbursed at the rate paid, not the current rate

    • Aerospace Science majors and courses are not eligible (including Fixed Wing, Rotor, Unmanned, and Air Traffic)
  • Students are responsible to pay all their expenses up front (tuition and fees, books, cost of living). Payment plan options are available. See yc.edu/bills