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money YC Full-time Student Discount

Get free credits when you go full-time! Any student who registers full-time for classes will receive any classes over 12 credits for free.

College is a commitment and earning 15 credits per semester is not easy for everyone, but it will give you the advantage of graduating on time and getting ahead. All you have to do is register for more than 12 credits and your discount will be automatically applied to your student account!

money icon on paperThis discount makes Yavapai College the most affordable option in Arizona for a full-time student! **

Eligibility ***

  1. Student must be a US Citizen
  2. Student must be enrolled in more than 12 credit hours
  3. In state, Out of State and WUE students are eligible at their respective tuition rates

***Students in the AAS Aerospace Science (Airplane Operations) program and non-citizen students are excluded from the Full Time Student Discount

Discount Calculation:

  1. Students will be charged for the most expensive classes up to 12 credits based on their residency and receive the least expensive for free*

*For students who have an outside agency (employer, Vocational Rehab, Department of Veteran Affairs etc.) that will be paying for their tuition.  The discount will be applied first to the third party balance due based on the number of credits they have agreed to pay for in excess of 12 credits and then to the student balance due when the student registers for classes above what the outside agency has agreed to pay for.  The remaining student balance after the third party authorization and scholarship is applied will be due in accordance with Yavapai College payment policies .

Why taking 15 Credits is Beneficial

Extra years of college can cost you thousands, both in what you pay and what you lose from not having a job. So, taking 15 credits a semester (or 30 credits a year) saves you money and lets you make more.

Students who take 15 credits a semester (or 30 credits a year) tend to get higher GPAs. So when it comes to getting better grades, taking 15 is sort of a no-brainer.

Taking 15 credits a semester (or 30 credits a year) dramatically increases your chances of reaching graduation. And hey, isn't that sort of what this is all about?

Learn more about the 15 to Finish campaign here .