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Program Requirements

It cannot be emphasized enough that each phase of the YC Promise will require students to complete their requirements, and failure to do so will result in loss of the Scholarship. The primary responsibility to meet requirements falls with the student.

Once in the program, students must do the following to retain their scholarship:

  • Must maintain a minimum term and cumulative grade point average of 2.0

  • Maintain financial aid eligibility

  • Attend a YC Promise Orientation prior to the start of the your first fall semester

  • Attend a mandatory meeting each semester with an academic advisor to help select courses that will allow you to meet your academic goals

  • Successfully complete STU101 or STU150 by the end of the fall semester of your first year

  • Take one English and one Math course each semester until your degree requirements are met

    • This requirement will be waived for certain AAS degrees with Advisor approval

      **Summer semesters are not mandatory, but students are strongly encouraged to use Summer to complete YC program requirements as needed.
  • Must earn 30 credits in their program of study by the end of the summer semester of the first year

  • Complete the degree within seven semesters

    • The seven semester timeline begins in summer semester of after high school or GED completion (Ex: If you receive your high school diploma in June 2020, your seven semester timeline begins in the summer of 2020)

  • Students accepted into the Nursing or Radiologic Technology program must complete their degree within 11 semesters of high school or GED completion

  • Complete FAFSA by dates listed on our timelines page. Please be sure to pick your correct graduating year.

  • Pay all monies owed to YC, with no outstanding balances by the end of each term.