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Student Eligibility and Requirements

Who is eligible for the YC Promise?

Any high-school senior graduating from a Yavapai County high school, home school program, or online high school (if the student’s primary residence is within Yavapai County) who will receive their high school diploma after May 1, 2019, or who complete their GED at Yavapai College after January 1, 2019.

Do non-U.S. citizens and non-residents qualify for the YC Promise?

No – to be eligible, 1) students must be able to complete the FAFSA and possess a valid Social Security number; and 2) students must qualify for in-state status for tuition purposes.

How do students sign-up for the YC Promise?

Students must first have applied and been accepted to Yavapai College before they can sign-up for the YC Promise. Once accepted, students can login to the myYC portal where they will be automatically prompted to sign-up if they meet the YC Promise eligibility requirements.

How long after high school graduation do students have to be eligible for the YC Promise?

Please see timeline tab on www.yc.edu/promise 

Are GED recipients eligible for the YC Promise?

Yes. Students who have completed their GED at Yavapai College after January 1, 2019 are eligible for the YC Promise.

What other scholarships are available for students who are not eligible for the YC Promise?

Additional scholarships are available, and can be found at www.yc.edu/scholarships. YC is also offering a new 20% discount to all full time students taking 15 credits.

How do students renew the scholarship?

Once in the program, students must meet all program requirements until completion of their associate’s degree. If any single one of the requirements is not met, the student will be dropped from the YC Promise program and will not be eligible for tuition reimbursement.

What happens if a student does not meet one of the requirements?

If a student does not meet one of the requirements, they will be dropped from the YC Promise program and will not be eligible for tuition reimbursement. The good news? The student will be able to continue their path to obtain their degree, and may be eligible for other scholarships, but will no longer be eligible for the YC Promise scholarship. Moreover, courses at YC cost roughly one quarter of what the same courses cost at Arizona’s four-year universities—so students who earn an associate’s degree at YC saved up to $14,000 even without the Yavapai Promise scholarship!


How does the last-dollar scholarship work?

The YC Promise is a last-dollar scholarship that reimburses students for any out-of-pocket tuition cost after federal, state, YC, or other 3rd party grants, discounts, or scholarships have been applied.

What does the YC Promise reimburse?

The YC Promise only reimburses out-of-pocket tuition costs. Books, living expenses, transportation, meal plans, and any other academic program fees are not reimbursed by the YC Promise.

When can I get my reimbursement?

Students will be reimbursed for their out-of-pocket tuition costs within 30 days of graduating with their associate’s degree from Yavapai College. The funds will be distributed via ACH or a mailed check to the student’s address on file.

Institutions and Programs

What academic programs are eligible for the YC Promise?

All academic programs leading to a degree are eligible for reimbursement, with the exception of YC’s aerospace science program (including fixed wing, rotor, unmanned, and air traffic concentrations).

What classes are eligible for the YC Promise?

The first 61 credits of classes taken at YC are reimbursable, with the exception of aerospace, developmental, and repeated classes. Classes will be reimbursed at the rate which was originally paid by the student (not the current rates).

Can the YC Promise be used toward a four-year degree?

Yes! Many of the courses you take while earning your associate’s degree will count toward a bachelor’s degree. How many courses will count? That depends on which program you are studying and where you plan to transfer. Please share your goals when you meet with your Academic Advisor so they can help you optimize the number of credits that count toward your bachelor’s degree as you earn your Associate’s degree.

What if I earned college credits before starting at YC?

Many students arrive with college credits they earned through AP tests, CLEP tests, Career Technical Education District courses, concurrent enrollment, or Dual enrollment. Depending on which program of study you choose, some or all of these credits may count toward your degree.

This effectively gives you a head start on completing your degree within the required 2-year timeframe!