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Disability Resource Forms - Request Accomodation

Print, complete, and return to Disability Resources as needed.

If you prefer, the Test Accomodation and E-text request forms can be submitted online (see below). A Disability Resource staff member will process your request and contact you.

Test Accommodation Request Form

I understand that I will receive testing accommodation only if I meet the following conditions:

  1. I agree to submit a completed TESTING ACCOMMODATION REQUEST FORM for each class in which I have a test.
  2. I understand each completed form must be submitted to Disability Resources within a minimum of SEVEN (7) working days PRIOR to the test date. NOTE: The test date, holidays, and week-ends DO NOT COUNT.
  3. I understand if a test is missed or changed, permission will need to be obtained from the instructor to be rescheduled to take the test. Arrangements for accommodations can be made only after instructor has notified DR (email/phone) and has given permission for student to take test after original testing date.
  4. The information requested on this form and any documentation regarding your disability is considered strictly confidential and will not be shared with any outside source other than to facilitate arrangement for your requested accommodations. The accommodations for tests will be approved only as authorized on the Instructor Notification Form.

Disability Resources E-Text Request Form

Please complete all fields and submit this form to Disability Resources. One of our staff members will then contact you.