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Faculty Resources

Resources to help your students with Disabilities

Faculty members may need to make certain accommodations in class instruction, testing, or environment for students with disabilities.

Disability Resources works with students and faculty members to determine and implement appropriate accommodations for each student's particular disability. It is important to note that accommodations can differ per student and may also vary per class or activity.

Faculty Information - Instructor's Role

Note Taking Services: 

The Disability Resources office provides students with two types of note taking services: out-of-class note takers and in-class volunteers. Instructors will be notified via the Instructor Notification Form (INF) and via email which type of note taking assistance is happening in their particular class. In the case of in-class volunteers, Disability Resources staff request that instructors assist the students in locating volunteer note takers in the class. Disability Resources staff provide a sample announcement via email to the instructor to assist in finding a suitable note taker for the student with a disability.

Videos and Closed Captioning:

Videotapes, DVDs, and streaming video shown in class may be closed-captioned for hearing-impaired students by contacting the TELS department.

Testing Accommodations:

Many students with disabilities receive a variety of testing accommodations. These accommodations may include extended time, private room testing, having a reader, having a scribe, or other specific accommodations based on a particular disability. All students being accommodated through Disability Resources will receive an Instructor Notification Form which outlines their specific testing accommodations. All tests for students receiving accommodations through Disability Resources must be administered through the Yavapai College Testing Center in order to ensure test security.

Faculty Information - Disability Etiquette

Disclosure and Confidentiality:

 Students are not required to inform faculty members about their disability. If a student needs an accommodation, the faculty member will be notified concerning the particular adjustment necessary for the student. All information concerning a student's disability is confidential; documentation is kept on file at Disability Resources.

Discussion of Accommodations:

Discussion of accommodations may be awkward. Instructors should be as receptive, flexible, and understanding as possible when a student with a disability initiates discussion of accommodations. It is important that the instructor and student conduct discussions in private and come to an agreement concerning specific accommodations early in the semester. If necessary, either or both may choose to consult the Disability Resources office for advice and assistance.

Additional Faculty Resources