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Reasonable Accommodation

A reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment that allows an individual to gain equal access and have equal opportunity to participate in Yavapai College's courses, services, activities, and use of the facilities.

Accommodations provided to eligible students may include:

NOTE: Not all accommodations are available at every YC campus location.

  • Note taking assistance or note taker
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Test accommodations
  • Adaptive equipment or assistive listening device
  • Readers
  • Alternative textbooks
  • Specialized computer software and hardware
  • Closed captioning for videos
  • Computer adaptations
  • Cart assistance
  • Disability parking
  • Accessible housing

Accommodation Assessment

The college will attempt to accommodate all reasonable requests but is not obligated to an accommodation that requires a substantial change in the curriculum or alteration of any essential elements or functions of a program. The provision of reasonable and appropriate accommodations, as approved by the Disability Resources office, will be based on the documentation of the disability.

How to request accommodations

Determining reasonable accommodations is collaborative among students, Disability Resources staff, medical professionals, and instructors.

  1. Schedule an intake interview with Disability Resources staff
  2. Gather all pertinent and current required paperwork to bring to intake interview which documents the nature and extent of the stated disability
  3. At the interview, the students' strengths and needs of their condition will be discussed, services will be explained, and the students' rights and responsibilities will be reviewed

If you believe you have an undocumented disability, options can be discussed with Disability Resources.  Email disabilityresources@yc.edu, or call to schedule an interview at 928-776-2085.

Depending on time of year, it could take up to 2 weeks to get an appointment with the Disability Resources office and another 2-4 weeks to review your documentation and receive appropriate accommodations.