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Meal Plans

Students living in the residence halls during the Fall and Spring semesters are required to purchase one of the meal plans (see below); summer meal plans are optional.

Meals overview:

  • Can be paid for by using your YC ID card.
  • Operate on a weekly declining balance and do not roll over for unused meals.
  • Only food that is made on the premises is eligible for the plan.
  • The meals are counted Friday through Thursday. If you run out of meals before Thursday, you will get a new set of meals to use beginning on Friday morning.
  • Plans are not transferable and may not be used for purchase by anyone other than the cardholder

Roughrider Dollars

Roughrider Dollars are used to purchase pre-packaged items, extra portions, and meals for friends/guests.  Roughrider Dollars operate on a declining balance over the course of the semester and do not roll over the following semester nor are they refundable.

Upgrading and Downgrading Meal Plans

If students find that their original meal plan choice is not working for them, they have the option of downgrading their meal plan during the first week of each semester, but they can upgrade their meal plan at any time during the semester.

See Meal plan option and rates details here.

Sick Trays

To receive a sick tray, a friend or your roommate must bring your ID card and approved authorization stating that you are ill and unable to attend the meal.

Flexi Cash

Flexi Cash is money that is put on your Yavapai I.D. card (read more about the OneCard here) and is deducted as you use it. It can also be used to supplement meal plans if you run out of meals or Roughrider Dollars. Commuter students will find this option handy if none of the above meal plans suit their needs.

When using Flexi-cash a 10% Food Court discount is given at the register at the time of purchase. You may purchase your Flexi Cash at the Business Office. Flexi Cash may be spent at your discretion on your friends, guests, etc.

For information about dietary or allergy restrictions:

Culinary Experience: 928-717-7205 or culinaryexperience@yc.edu