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Cost of Living On-Campus

Residence Hall rates include utilities, parking, internet and may cover certain other costs such as food, movies, local outings, speakers and other student activities

Typical residential cost per year

Residence Hall rates - 2020-2021

Meal Plan rates - 2020-2021

Meal plans are required for all hall residents during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Meal plans operate on a weekly declining balance and do not roll over for unused meals.

Use your YC ID card to pay for meals.  Meals can only be spent on food that is made on the premises. The meals are counted Friday through Thursday. If you run out of meals before Thursday, you will get a new set of meals to use beginning on Friday morning. Meal plans are not transferable and may not be used for purchase by anyone other than the cardholder.

Meal plan details are listed here.

Commuter students can purchase a meal plan by calling: (928) 776-2140.