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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Calculators

Determine your progression rate, GPA and whether you have met Satisfactory Academic Progress

calculatorThe following calculators are provided to help you determine your progression rate and GPA, as well as what it may take to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

SAP Calculator

To determine how many hours you need to earn in future semesters to comply with the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, you can enter information into the SAP Calculator to assist you.

To gather the figures for calculating your rate of progression:

  1. log into your YC portal
  2. go to Students My Financial Aid click on the Satisfactory Academic Progress tab.

The SAP and Program(s) of Study section will give you the information you need.

Note: YC calculates SAP (including ROP) at the end of each term. If you have transfer credits that were evaluated after SAP was ran, your calculation may not include your transfer credits. Also, Yavapai College does NOT use rounding protocols when calculating your rate of progression. You must have a rate of progression of at least 66.67% without rounding. 

SAP Calculator Tool

Cumulative GPA Calculator

Target GPA Calculator

This calculator will tell you what GPA you will need for your next semester, year, etc. to reach a GPA goal. You just need to know your current GPA and the number of credit hours you've already completed. Then choose a target GPA and a number of credit hours in which to attain that target.