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The Pathway Projects Implementation at YC

Pathway Implementation at Yavapai College

With generous funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the American Association of Community Colleges recently launched a national project focused on building capacity for community colleges to design and implement structured academic and career pathways at scale, for all of their students.

Why Yavapai College has chosen to use The Pathway Projects

Building on emerging research and experience in the field, the project reflects AACC's commitments to follow through on recommendations set forth in the 2012 report of the 21st Century Commission on the Future of Community Colleges, Reclaiming the American Dream (4mb pdf), and the 2014 implementation guide, Empowering Community Colleges to Build the Nation’s Future (6mb pdf)

Goals Measurements
1. Higher Completion Rates for YC students Increase the number of degrees/certificates
Increase transfer rates
2. Efficient Completion Lower credit hours for degrees/certificates
Less semesters to completion
3. Clearer Direction to Program Selection by Students Increased number of students declare major
Lower credit hours not in program

The steering committee will:

  1. Review and determine the Meta Majors the college will utilize.
  2. Investigate and establish key steps and benchmarks for the implementation of pathways.
  3. Determine and communicate work that will need to be conducted by faculty, departments, programs and disciplines to establish pathways at YC.
  4. Select webpage templates that disciplines, departments and programs will need to work on.
  5. Establish and communicate time frames and deadlines for key steps and work phases to be completed.

Steering Committee Members

Upcoming Meetings

Meeting Summaries


Project Resources

PDF files


  • Winter Institute - Pathways Tania Sheldahl
  • Winter Institute - Pathways Scott Farnsworth