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Senior Citizen Discount

25% Off Credit Classes

Yavapai College is the community’s college. We rely on your financial support through property taxes to fulfill the goals of our District Governing Board, which include:

  • Providing excellent education to our communities
  • Supporting economic development in the county
  • Building community through cultural events and activities

As a special thank you for your support, Yavapai College is offering a new 25% discount on credit classes to residents age 65+.
Earn your 25% discount by meeting all of the eligibility requirements below and registering for ALL classes between January 6-17, 2020.

We understand that securing your place early in certain classes is important to many of you, so please continue to do so as needed. To be guaranteed a spot in the class you want, register early. If you want to take advantage of the 25% discount, register the week before classes as space allows.

To be eligible for a discounted tuition of 25% for credit class registration, all of the criteria must be met (*Some exclusions apply):

  1. Student must be a US citizen
  2. Student must be eligible for in-state residency for tuition purposes
  3. Student must be age 65 or older by the 7th day of the fall semester
  4. **Student must register for all classes between January 6-17

* Students enrolled in the Aviation Program are not eligible for the discounted tuition for any classes. Students enrolled in any Aviation or Unmanned Aircraft classes who are not in an aviation program are not eligible for the discounted tuition on those specific classes.

** Registration for ANY class prior to the week before or during the first week of classes (even if student drops class and re-registers) will negate any senior discount for any class in that semester.

*** The 25% discount only applies to for-credit classes.