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Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review is central to Yavapai College’s overall process of planning, assessing and budgeting. The review process is designed to provide each academic department and occupational program with timely information to identify strengths and areas in need of improvement. Information will be provided in the data report about each program/department in the following areas:

Demand: Yavapai College offers occupational and transfer programs that reflect the demands of the job market and needs of students in the community.

Employability: Yavapai College offers occupational programs that provide students with the skills needed to gain employment in a job that has a livable wage and/or that meet the needs of the community.

Transferability: Yavapai College offers transfer degrees and certificates that align with AZ Transfer and state university guidelines and meet standards for rigor.

Completion: Yavapai College offers occupational and transfer programs that students complete in a timely manner.

Resources: Yavapai College offers occupational and transfer programs in which resources are allocated equitably and used efficiently.
The Academic Program Review process provides an opportunity for staff and faculty to actively participate in the growth and improvement of their programs or departments and provides a vehicle for accountability and transparency. Institutional planning and budgeting will be based on recommendations and evidence provided by the process.

For more information on a specific program area report, please contact the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research.