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Officials with Authority and Mandatory Reporters

The 2020 Title IX regulations clarify what triggers Yavapai College’s (YC) response obligation. A response obligation means that YC must institute corrective measures, which can include initiating an investigation or offering supporting measures.

The triggering event under the 2020 Title IX regulations centers on when the College receives actual knowledge of allegations of sexual harassment/discrimination. Actual knowledge means that the Title IX Coordinator or a designated Official with Authority of the College has received notice of sexual harassment/discrimination or notice of allegations of sexual harassment/discrimination.

Officials with Authority

The 2020 Title IX Regulations allow post-secondary institutions, such as YC, to decide which of its employees are Officials with Authority. An Official with Authority (OWA) means an employee of the College is explicitly vested with the responsibility to implement corrective measures for sexual harassment on behalf of the College. Notice to any Official with Authority conveys actual knowledge to the institution.

The College has designated the following employees as Officials with Authority to implement corrective measures for sexual harassment/discrimination

  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator
  • College President
  • College Vice Presidents
  • College Associate Vice Presidents
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Academic Deans
  • Associate Academic Deans
  • College Police Officers
  • Athletic Director

Notice results whenever an Official with Authority:

  • witnesses sexual harassment;
  • hears about sexual harassment or sexual harassment allegations from a complainant (i.e., a person alleged to be the victim) or a third party (e.g., the complainant’s parent, friend, or peer);
  • receives a written or verbal complaint about sexual harassment or sexual harassment allegations;
  • or by any other means.