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Office of Instructional Support Working closely with faculty overseeing academic systems and processes

The OIS works closely with faculty for the continual improvement and overall quality and integrity of the instructional programs at Yavapai College.

The Instructional Support Office oversees academic systems and processes, curriculum, articulation agreements, assessment, program review, 25Live, faculty credentialing oversight, faculty payroll & workload maintenance, distance education, state authorization, Quality Matters, academic web pages, college catalog, computer commons, and professional development activities for both adjunct and full-time faculty, including the First Year Faculty @YC annual program.

Library Services supports and enhances the academic, professional and cultural and lifelong learning needs of the Yavapai College community. It is the heart of the campus and offers a comfortable, welcoming, and supportive environment for students, faculty, staff and the community in the pursuit of intellectual inquiry.

The Teaching & eLearning Support team provides resources, training and support for educational technology to students and faculty at Yavapai College. The mission of TeLS is to make the learning experience at Yavapai College the best it can be, by providing exemplary support and training opportunities to faculty, students, and staff, working in all modes of course delivery.