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Telecommuting @ YC

Yavapai College has a variety of tools and services to enable employees to work from home. Employees can discuss options with their manager if telecommuting is appropriate for their position

IT Security Note: Please use extra caution while working remotely on your home computer. Be aware not to store sensitive data on your machine. Also, be on the lookout for suspicious emails (phishing) as email scams related to COVID-19 are on the rise.

Phone System

  • Access YC Voicemail
  • Sedona and Verde – 928-649-5556
  • Prescott, Prescott Valley, CTEC and Chino Valley – 928-717-7111
  • Your mailbox number is your four-digit extension
  • Full voicemail instructions

The ITS Department will work with individuals and departments to make other accommodations for remote workers based on need/priority. Please submit an online help ticket for assistance.

YC has a voicemail to email option that can be made available to remote workers.

myYC Portal

The myYC Portal has most of the tools employees will need to work remotely. These include Office 365, Canvas, Banner Self-Service, Zoom, 25Live, etc.

Office 365 has several collaboration tools (e.g., shared document editing, Teams) that departments can use to work together. To get a better understanding of what these tools are and how to use them, click here.

Network drives (e.g., Z Drives, Department Shares ) should be accessed by securecloud.yc.edu. For ad-hoc access to network drives, they can also be located via ‘My Network Drives’ under the ‘Office 365/Drives’ panel in the Portal.

Secure Cloud

securecloud.yc.edu (Duo Multi-Factor Required)

YC utilizes VMWare Horizon to provide a virtual desktop experience. This environment connects users to internal resources such as network drives and desktop applications (e.g., Office, Adobe Creative Suite). Employees no longer need to request access via the Accessmanager application to use Securecloud.

Securecloud can be used to access systems like Banner and M-Files. Securecloud is also used for secure access systems to systems like Neogov and Salesforce.

Banner Admin Pages has its own standalone ‘app’ in Securecloud on the landing page after login.

Authorized users can access M-files via the ‘Staff’ computer image in SecureCloud.

This service can be used via a browser or an installed VMware Horizon client (recommended). The download link for the VMware Horizon client is located towards the bottom of the webpage at securecloud.yc.edu.

If you have never used Securecloud you need to configure it to connect to the YC environment

  • After launching the program select ‘New Server’
  • Enter securecloud.yc.edu as the connection server
  • Follow the prompts and be sure you have your device to complete the multi-factor login process

For the best experience, use Securecloud for everything except video (including video conferencing, or Youtube ) - that is best done on your local/home computer and is why we recommend Zoom to be installed there.

Home Downloads

  • Microsoft Office
  • Login into the myYC Portal > select ‘Office 365’ under the ‘Office 365/Drives’ panel
  • You should find the ‘Install Office’ download link in the upper right-hand corner of the page

  • Zoom
  • Login into the myYC Portal > select ‘Zoom Online Meetings’ under the ‘Employees’ panel
  • The ‘Download Client’ link is at the bottom of the page
  • Or go to zoom.us – the download section is at the bottom of the page

  • VMware Horizon Client for Securecloud
  • Navigate to securecloud.yc.edu
  • The download link for the VMware Horizon client is located towards the bottom of the webpage

If you have questions about the above information, or you need additional assistance, please submit a helpdesk ticket. We are working diligently to ensure that our office is prepared to handle your technology needs in the most expedient manner possible.