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SecureCloud / VMware for Remote Access

Working remotely and accessing files on college servers requires you to install VMware Horizon Client

The College now supports remote access to the college network via VMware Horizon. It allows for convenient and secure access to YC network resources (such as network drives and Banner) from anywhere.

I. Downloading and Installing VMware Horizon Clients

  1. https://www.vmware.com - click to get started
  2. Select the appropriate version for your operating system.*
  3. Click the "Go to Downloads" link to download the proper installer
  4. Run/install the program once the download is complete.
  5. Click on "Agree & Install" The install process may take several minutes to complete.
  6. You will be prompted to restart your computer
  7. Upon restarting, you can launch the VMwave Horizon Client for the first time

* For most Windows desktops and laptops, select the first "Horizon Client for Windows" option.
If you have any questions contact ITS Help Desk at (928) 776-2168 or email helpdesk@yc.edu.

II. Launching and using VMware Horizon Client for the first time

  1. Click on the newly created VMware icon on your desktop or in the Start menu
  2. Click on "New Server" or "Add Server" icon
  3. Enter: securecloud.yc.edu for the Connection Server name
  4. Click "Connect" button
  5. When prompted, enter your YC network username and password
  6. When prompted for Duo authentication select (1-4) based on your listed options
  7. Once you receive your code, enter it into the "Next Code" text field

III. Functionality and Use of VMware Horizon Client

  • Staff computer will load a virtual desktop with access to network drives and applications like Outlook, Acrobat, etc.
  • Banner Admin Pages - this shortcut in VMware Horizon's application list will simply open a Chrome window pointed at the Banner landing page, without the need to load into a virtual desktop. If you just need to access Banner, this is the quickest way to do so.

Computer time and date

  • If you are running the Horizon client installed on your computer, the time and date settings will match those of your computer, and you shouldn’t have to configure them.
  • When running the Horizon web client, you may need to set the time zone for the client manually because it has a different default time zone. Instructions to change the time and date settings

Remote phone (optional)

  • If you have requested access, Remote Phone will also be in the application list. Before launching this, click the gear icon in the top-right of VMWare Horizon to check your audio-video settings. Make sure "Preferred microphone" is set to the best option with your available hardware (usually a headset).
  • Once you load the Remote Phone, an approximation of an on-campus phone will appear
  • This should display the same phone lines you would normally see on-campus. (If not, contact the Help Desk)
  • Clicking the "Mode" button next to the X on the top-right will switch the phone to a compact view.