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cookieYavapai College Cookie Usage

A cookie is a small amount of data that may be written onto your computer (or smartphone or other network-connected device) when you visit a web site. It identifies you as a previous visitor of the site and is most often used to personalize settings and provide for custom user preferences.

In addition to storing preferences and personalized settings, Cookies are used by web sites to determine which sections and files are visited most often. Web sites that require a username and password (such as gmail or Yahoo!) also use cookies to "remember" visitors. Each web site deploys a unique cookie for every visitor, so one cookie cannot be "read" by another web site.

There are two main types of cookies: per-session and persistent.

Per-Session cookies are almost always anonymous and only exist on your machine until you close your web browser. They are most often used to increase the performance of web-based applications and to reduce the amount of data that must be transferred between your computer and the web server. They typically will store a session ID or some unique identifier that can be used while you are browsing a specific web site.

Persistent cookies can represent a privacy risk, as they exist after you shut down your web browser. Persistent cookies are often used to store your preferences when you visit a website, and can sometimes be used to store usernames and passwords to access some web sites (although this is uncommon as it is potentially a security risk).

Yavapai College's Use of Cookies

Yavapai College has multiple web sites and multiple web-based applications. Each site and application may have a different cookie policy. Every reasonable effort will be made to highlight those specific policies and requirements within this document.

Cookies are required for authenticated access to the YC web site and web-based applications.  Cookies are generally not required in order to simply browse YC websites, however they may be used in the operation of certain web applications found on YC websites, even when unauthenticated.

While our main web site and supported web applications do not require cookies (unless logged-in), you may be prompted that our site is trying to place a cookie on your local machine. These cookies are typically per-session cookies and will be deleted as soon as you close your web browser. These cookies maintain state information that allows our web servers to use the minimum bandwidth necessary to provide content to you.

To better serve our students, faculty, staff, and the community, we use persistent cookies to track usage statistics on our web sites. This enables us to highlight important content and update or remove old or unused content. We would ask that you allow this cookie to be stored on your machine, as it has no personally-identifiable information and allows us to better serve you.