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Frequently Asked Questions for Access Manager

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What is Access Manager?

bossAccess Manager is the centralized system to request access to most electronic resources at Yavapai College - from network shares to web applications to specialized access requests like Banner INB (Admin Pages) or remote access via SecureCloud.


All employees of the College must use Access Manager for any new request for access and periodically to confirm access p existing resources.

All YC faculty and staff will use Access Manager to make new requests for access to resources and periodically to verify access to existing resources.

Remember the adage, "less is more" when it comes to requesting access to resources - the fewer resources you have access to, the less risk you and the institution are exposed to in the event of a security incident.  If you don't absolutely need access to something to do your job, please don't request access to it.  When the annual positive enrollment occurs, please evaluate each resource to determine whether you still require access - remember, you can always request access again in the future if you need it.

What if I am not sure what permissions I need to perform my job duties?

Your supervisor is your first point of contact regarding what permissions you need to perform your job duties. The ITS Department can also assist with any questions related to resource access. Please reference the ITS contacts below for specific access types:

What is the difference between account types (e.g. Temporary, Partner) when requesting a np account?

Access Manager supports requesting four different account types.  These different accounts are designed for different uses:

  • Institutional Accounts - These accounts are intended to last for more than six (6) months, passwords must not be shared widely, and accounts are only to be used by YC employees. 
  • Partner Accounts - Used only for business partners of the College.  These are entities with a contractual relationship established with the YC Purchasing Department.  Often includes contractors needing elevated access to resources.
  • Service Accounts - Typically only requested by ITS staff.  Used only for automatic logins by an application, service, or device and where logins will be constrained to a very small number of computers. 
  • Temporary Accounts - These accounts expire no more than three (3) months after creation, have limited access, and can be shared (if requirements dictate) with multiple individuals.  It is the responsibility of the account requestor to change the password on a temporary account if any person provided the password ceases to require access to the account.  Temporary accounts are the preferred solution for single and multi-day events, 

Why do I keep getting these emails?

Failure to respond to confirmation requests can result in loss of access to electronic resources.

The emails should specify why you are receiving them and/or what you need to do.  Generally, you'll receive an email when you request access to a resource or when your access to an existing resource needs to be re-confirmed.  As an employee, you'll also receive emails when your supervisor approves (or denies) your request and when the manager of the system grants (or denies) access.  As a supervisor, you'll be required to review and approve (or deny) all employee requests - you'll receive an email for these and it's important that you respond to them promptly.  Failure to respond (as an employee or supervisor) can result in the loss of access to a given resource.

The person listed as my supervisor is not really my supervisor – what do I do?

Please contact Human Resources for assistance.  Let them know that you are attempting to submit a request for access and your supervisor of record is incorrect.  Once they confirm the correct information, please re-submit your request through Access Manager.

I’m supposed to approve requests for an employee that I do not supervise – what do I do?

Please contact the employee and/or Human Resources to let them know that supervisor information is inaccurate for the employee in question.  Human Resources can update the information and the employee can then re-submit the request through Access Manager.

Please contact Web Services with any suggestions, problems, or other questions you might have.  Call us at 928-717-7711 or email webservices@yc.edu.