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COVID-19 Information

Your health is our top priority.

Though Governor Ducey has ended the AZ State of Emergency as of March 30, 2022, covid continues to ebb and flow throughout our community, and likely will for some time. Under these circumstances, YC continues to take the needed steps for creating a safe and healthy environment.

a. Air quality: YC complies with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers’ recommendations for maintaining healthy buildings during the pandemic, including maximizing fresh air intake, minimizing cross-flow of air in occupied spaces and optimizing system filtration to the greatest extent possible. We average six to eight air exchanges per hour in our buildings, which meets or exceeds ASHRAE recommendations, and significantly more outside air in our laboratory spaces. In its numerous campus heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, YC uses air filtration designed for optimum performance and efficacy, including MERV 13 air filters in our larger HVAC systems. We use ultraviolet scrubbers in some systems as well.

b. Installed hundreds of hand sanitizers throughout the District. Hand sanitizers located at virtually every exterior doorway and other high traffic areas

c. Cleaning protocols: Custodians continue to clean common areas such as classrooms, restrooms, hallways, dining areas, elevators, and waiting areas daily, with added focus on disinfecting frequent touch points such as railings, door handles, service counters, etc. to align with CDC recommendations

d. Touchless restrooms: YC installed door foot-pulls, hands-free sinks and paper towel dispensers, and touchless toilets throughout the district

a. Vaccinate: We encourage you to talk to your physician about the potential risks and benefits of being vaccinated against covid 19

b. If you are exposed to someone with covid, we ask that you follow cdc recommendation to wear a mask for 10 days to limit the possibility of spreading the disease

c. If you are sick: If you test positive or have covid symptoms, we ask that you follow CDC isolation guidelines

d. If you are experiencing stress or anxiety please contact YC Counseling

Are face coverings required on campus?

Face covers are not required. However, people may choose to wear a mask at any time. CDC recommends wearing a mask when indoors in public if community transmission is high.

If I choose to where a mask, how do I select the right one and wear it properly?

CDC recommendations

Where can I get the most up to date information on covid 19?

CDC, WHO, and AZ Dept of Health

Has YC transitioned to back in person?

YC offers an array of face to face and online classes.

I am feeling sick but I am worried about missing class. What should I do?

If you are feeling sick, please stay home out of respect to your classmates, You should also contact your instructors to inform them of your absence from class and inquire about how to keep up with your class and coursework.

I have been exposed to covid 19. What should I do?

We ask that you follow CDC recommendation to wear a mask for 10 days to limit the possibility of getting other people sick

COVID Transmission Map cdc.gov