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Frequently asked questions

What is TRiO?

TRiO is a set of college opportunity programs designed to motivate and support eligible students and veterans along their journey toward completing a college education.

Nearly 3,000 programs in the nation are funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Yavapai College is the fortunate recipient of three TRiO Programs including Student Support Services, Educational Talent Search, and Veterans Upward Bound.

For more details, go to the TRiO homepage.

Who qualifies for TRiO Programs: ETS, SSS, VUB?

ETS TRiO serves students at ten participating middle and high schools within Yavapai County; VUB TRiO serves veterans prior to college attendance throughout northern Arizona; and SSS TRiO serves currently enrolled Yavapai College students.

Services are free to eligible students. Students participating in any TRiO Program must meet eligibility criteria centered principally on low income status, first generation college attendance, and/or disability. Visit our web site for details.

Why would I want to be part of a TRiO program?

TRiO Programs are designed to maximize student success by providing individualized services such as tutoring, mentoring, advising, leadership development, and more. Eligible students receive services for free in addition to general student services. Visit us to learn more about the benefits of participating.

How do I get a tutor?

Individual/one-to-one tutoring is available for eligible students in the SSS TRiO program.

For drop in tutoring see the Learning Center.

What programs are available for students who feel unprepared for College?

The Student Support Services/SSS TRiO program is available to eligible Yavapai College students. Eligible students receive free services to help them succeed in college and plan for their transition to four-year universities and career.

The Veterans Upward Bound/VUB TRiO Program provides Individualized modules in math, composition, computers, and more. This program is designed to prepare veterans before enrolling in college.

Who qualifies for SSS TRiO?

Students are eligible for SSS TRiO if they are pursuing a Yavapai College degree or certificate AND have one of the following attributes: low income, first generation college student, or documented disability.

I need help choosing a career, who can help me?

Participating SSS TRiO students receive help with career exploration and planning in addition to individual/one to one tutoring, financial aid/scholarship assistance, student success workshops, and transfer options. See our Advising and Financial Guidance page for more information.

What programs are available to veterans who want to prepare before they enroll in college?

The Veterans Upward Bound TRiO Program (VUB TRiO) is available to eligible veterans throughout northern Arizona. Free services include individualized self-paced modules in math, composition, computers, and more. Services are designed to prepare eligible veterans for a successful transition into college before actually being enrolled in college classes.

What programs are available to middle and high school students to prepare for college?

The Educational Talent Search TRiO Program (ETS TRiO) is available to eligible students attending ten middle and high schools in Yavapai County. Eligible students receive free services to achieve high school graduation and prepare for success in college.

What is the cost to veterans?

Nothing, it's free. All Veteran Upward Bound modules and supplies are free to qualified veterans.

How do I qualify for VUB?

You qualify if:

  • You received any discharge other than dishonorable.
  • You have at least 181 days of active service or acceptable mitigating circumstances with better than a dishonorable discharge.
  • You meet the federal low-income standard (based on federal poverty income charts) and/or are potential first generation college student (neither parent has a four year degree).
  • You have an academic need.

If you are not sure whether you qualify, give us a call and we will be glad to explain the eligibility requirements in more detail: (800) 922-6787, ext 7686. This number is toll free.

What are the modules offered in this program?

VUB offers modules designed to help Veterans brush up on their academic skills or master new skills. Modules provided are English, Math, Computers, Lab Science and Language Arts.

  • English and Writing Essentials: Instruction in understanding and developing spelling, reading and writing skills.
  • Introduction to Mathematics: Review of basic arithmetic skills and introduction to algebra, geometric shapes, formulae and the metric system.
  • Advanced Math / Pre Calculus: Take that next step in preparing for engineering and higher level math courses.
  • Computer Basics: Introduction to computer hardware, software and Internet use. These modules are open entry / open exit – start anytime.
  • Survey of Lab Sciences: Learn concepts of scientific investigation, classifying organisms, analyzing data, conducting experiments and basic lab procedures. Offered only in select sessions.
  • Language Arts: English as an International Language – where does English come from? Offered only in select sessions.

How do I apply for the VUB program?

  1. Call or stop by the office to make an appointment with our staff.
  2. Bring your DD214
  3. After answering some questions and signing required forms, you will take an assessment test to help our staff identify your academic needs.
  4. After the test is scored, one of our staff will work with you to determine your academic needs.

Will VUB assist me with a career path or help me choose a school?

Modules are held during the day and some evenings and are typically scheduled for two-hour blocks on a weekly basis.

When are modules held?

Modules are held during the day and some evenings and are typically scheduled for two-hour blocks on a weekly basis.

Where are modules held?

VUB modules are currently held at the Prescott and Verde Valley campuses.

Would I be able to use the library or other areas of the college?

Yes. VUB students have full access to all Yavapai College facilities such as the learning center, free tutoring, and the library.

How long will it take me to complete this program?

It's up to you. Some students do not need to take all modules and other students want to take them all. Our VUB staff will help you determine your academic goals and help you arrange a program to attain them.

Does Yavapai College VUB only help those who want to attend Yavapai College?

Absolutely not! We will help any qualified veteran no matter what school he/she plans to attend. We will help you chose the best program and school to fit your individual needs.

Will VUB provide Financial Aid?

No. All services, including our academic modules, are free to qualified veterans. We do not provide financial aid for college, university or technical school. We can, however, help you with the financial aid application process, and put you in contact with the appropriate financial aid officials at your prospective school.

Contact the Yavapai College Financial Aid Office: (928) 776-2152.

Will VUB help me find a job?

Yes. Even though we do not offer career placement services, we do offer career counseling, resume development and referrals.

We will help any qualified veteran no matter what school you plan to attend in the U.S.