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Teaching Online Readiness Course

The Teaching Online Readiness Course course is meant to serve as a primer and reference that will help you teach with and build courses in the YC Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). You can work through this course at your own pace.

Yavapai College has an obligation to assure that our teachers are able to do their job effectively, especially in the challenging online environment. This course is designed give you a basic knowledge of the Canvas LMS and the pedagogical fundamentals to teach online with skill and confidence, based on the accepted YC Design and Teaching standards. If you are already an experienced teacher, it is meant to assure fundamental Canvas competence. For new and aspiring online teachers, it is the beginning - from which your opportunity to grow in mastery is truly limitless. 


The assessments in this course consist of short knowledge checks at the end of each Module. You will pass the course by achieving a score of 100% on each quiz. 

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