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Yavapai College Operational Policies

The District Governing Board authorizes the College President to establish and implement all operational policies and procedures.

District Governing Board Policies

Administrative Operational Policies & Procedures

Sections 2 – 10 contain operational policies organized in sections as titled. Each operational policy, and where applicable, a procedure to describe its implementation, is to be used with discretion, understanding, and management in the spirit in which the policy is written. Operational policies will be regularly reviewed and may be added, deleted, or revised as necessary and appropriate to reflect the dynamics of the College.

Changes will be communicated to all Yavapai College employees. All provisions of former operational policies are superseded on the subsequent operational policy effective date. Under no circumstances are the statements contained in these operational policies to be considered a contract of employment, an obligation, or guarantee on the part of the College.

Operational Policies and Procedures Writing Guidelines

Operational Policy Review Committee

The Operational Policy Review Committee, comprised of designated cross-functional members, meets as necessary based the volume of submissions. The Committee reviews the operational policy draft, discusses pertinent issues with the policy writer, solicits feedback from the applicable College community, and ultimately sends a final recommendation to the President's Cabinet (PC). That process is repeated at the PC level, until a final recommendation is sent to the President. The President makes the final decision.

  • Committee Membership
  • Julie Galgano- YC Staff Association President
  • Frank D'Angelo- Director, Business Services/Controller
  • Scott Farnsworth- Assoc. Vice President, Student Success, Dean SHPS
  • Stacey Hilton- Dean for Instructional Support
  • Jill Fitzgerald- Faculty Senate President
  • Amy Stein- Faculty Association Chair of College Standards
  • Tania Sheldahl- Associate Vice President, Dean for Student Development
  • Jennifer Riley- Faculty Association Chair of Faculty Affairs
  • Emily Weinacker- Chief Human Resources Officer, Policy Committee Chair
  • Jeanne Welch- Director of Finance and Operations, YC Foundation
  • Lisa Schlegel- Manager Human Resources, Policy Committee Support

Developing new or revising existing operational policy

The development of new operational policy or revision to existing operational policy is accomplished through a consistent administrative process. Under the direction of the President or the applicable Executive Leadership Team member, both a preliminary review based on relevance, legality, and cost effectiveness as well as a draft consistent with the required format will be prepared. Following Executive Leadership Team review, the draft will be submitted to the Chair of the Operational Policy Review Committee, the Chief Human Resources Officer.