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Faculty and Staff

Chino Valley Agribusiness & Science
Faculty and Staff


Name and Title Email & Telephone
John Morgan, Dean 928.717.7721
Karla Phillips, Associate Dean 928.717.7725
Brenda Giese, Administrative Assistant 928.717.7729
Karen Smith, Instructional Suppport Specialist 928.717.7760


Name and Title Email & Telephone
Justin Brereton, Agribusiness/Horticulture 928.717.7724
Bob Earle, Equine 928.717.7720
Gary Gang, Equine 928.717.7720
Ed Kessel, Agribusiness/Ag Mechanics 928.717.7720
Craig Lefever, Adult Basic Education/GED 928.771.6110
Andy Lloyd, Canine 928.717.7720
Matt Mintzmyer, Unmaned Aircraft Systems 928.717.7375
Cheryl Nunez, Equine 928.717.7720
Dave Perey, Agribusiness/Ag Mechanics 928.717.7720
Liz Peters, Electrical & Instrumentation 928.717.7128
Rich Peterson, Agribusiness/Production Hort 928.717.7720
James Voska, Career & Personal Devel. 928.717.7726
Marnee Zazueta, Agribusiness/Animal Science 928.717.7727


Name and Title Email & Telephone
Bob Hoskovec, Advisor - Prescott 928.776.2148;