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We are a student run organization dedicated to encouraging local philanthropy to invest in student success. Are you a student in need? We can help!

People Student Emergency (I AM YC) Fund

Sometimes as students, we have short term financial crises that can greatly impact our academic success. If you need it,apply for short term, limited funds either with the student emergency online application or with the printed application

food pantry Food Pantry

Food scarcity can really impact your performance and sense of security.
Complete online food pantry request or download a request form

  • Prescott Campus - Bldg 3-125
  • Apply online before noon Mon - Fri
  • Pick up the next day after 2pm in Bldg 3-125
  • Sat / Sun applications are processed on Monday
  • Verde Campus - Bldg I
  • Apply online before noon Mon - Tues
  • Pick up Thursday after 2pm in Bldg I
  • Sat / Sun applications are processed for Thurs

food pantry Food pantry donations

We welcome you to drop off any non-perishable food stuffs (cans, boxes, bags) in any of the I AM YC marked containers located in buildings around the Prescott campus.

chalkboard I AM YC Student Scholarship

This scholarship will be based on faculty and staff giving at Yavapai College as well as community supporters. Our organization hopes to fund an endowment scholarship at Yavapai College for the students in greatest financial need.

contract Student Success Grant

This fund is designed to alleviate an immediate student financial crisis. When we step in to help students manage and learn from crisis, we can help them avoid crisis in the future.

contract YC Foundation Pledge Form

Faculty members are encouraged to donate to the I AM YC Student Scholarship Fund and the I AM YC Student Success Fund.