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Jessica Sullivan

Yavapai College Alumnus

Jessica SullivanCongratulations to YC Alumna Jessica Sullivan, who has certifications in nursing and caregiving on your appointment to serve as superintendent of the Arizona Pioneers Home in Prescott!

Governor Doug Ducey announced the appointment of Jessica Sullivan to Superintendent of the Arizona Pioneers' Home, fulfilling years of dedication to the facility and following in the footsteps of her mother who served as a nurse at the Home.

"Jessica has made it her priority to serve the residents of the Arizona Pioneers' Home," said Governor Ducey. "She and her mother have both spent years caring for its residents. She truly understands the Home's history and significance to the Prescott community and State of Arizona, and will continue to embody the home's values as Superintendent. I am happy to welcome Jessica to this position and I look forward to her further contributions at the Home."

Jessica Sullivan has worked at the Arizona Pioneers' Home for nearly twenty years, and is currently the Home's caregiver supervisor. But her passion for the home and its community goes back even further. She started visiting the Home at age nine when she would accompany her mother, a registered nurse at the facility for 19 years, to work. This early experience sparked a lifelong interest in the Home's culture and mission and inspired Sullivan to follow in her mother's footsteps.

"The Arizona Pioneers' Home has been a significant part of my life for years," said Jessica Sullivan. "To care for the individuals who call this place home, hear their stories and work in this community is a privilege. I am so grateful to Governor Ducey for this opportunity, and I look forward to this next chapter so we can continue to provide the best possible care for the residents in this truly special place."

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