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James Tobin

Roger Runyan 2021 Scholarship Recipient -
James Tobin

My name is James Tobin and I'm the Director for Alcohol & Drug Prevention Strategies at Yavapai College. I graduated from Y.C. in 1988 and am proud to be a Roughrider! After completing my A.A., my plan was to take a year or two off from school, and then work toward completing a bachelor's degree at a later time.

As it often happens... life, a career in law enforcement, and a busy growing family prevented me from pursuing my education goals. I looked forward to the day when life would be less hectic, so I could resume my higher education pursuits.

In 2016 I retired from the Prescott Valley Police Department and came to work at the Yavapai College Police Department. After settling in at Y.C., I received a lot of encouragement from peers and co-workers on camppus to get back into school as a student. In 2018 I started a 90/30 program with Yavapai College-NAU. I completed my B.A. in Public Administration in 2019 and graduated Cum Laude. My goal was accomplished, but the appetite to continue my education was whetted.

I started a master's program at N.A.U. in Public Administration in the fall of 2020 and am on track to complete my master's degree in winter-spring 2022-23. I currently hold a 3.9 G.P.A.

As a Y.C. employee, I was very fortunate to receive a Roger Runyan Award in 2019 and in 2022. I have been self-funding my education, so these scholarships have greatly eased the burden of paying for school. Early this year funds were tight, and I was making partial time-payments on my Spring 2022 tuition. I received an angry email from N.A.U. one day, advising that I needed to pay the balance on my account A.S.A.P.

Lo and behold...on that same day I received a check from Y.C. Foundation as a Roger Runyan Scholarship Award recipient. The Runyan Scholarship is an invaluable resource for those working to complete goals in higher education. As a working-professional with a family, the Runyan Awards greatly assisted in meeting some financial challenges that may have otherwise impeded my progress.

Y.C.'s commitment to helping people realize their academic goals is evident to me--- both in the support and encouragement I've received from co-workers, and from the financial support made possible by the Runyan Award.

Thank you very much!