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8-Week Classes

Keeping you successfully on track and moving forward

zero-cost textbook imageYavapai College (YC) offers an 8-week class model where the fall and spring semesters are split into two 8-week sessions. When possible, students can take intensive 8-week classes instead of or in addition to 16-week classes allowing them to focusing on just two or three classes at a time while completing more classes per semester. 


Why take 8-week classes?

  • Studies show students are more likely to complete 8-week classes than 16-week classes.
  • If you do have to drop a class, new ones will be starting sooner. You don’t need to wait until the next semester to get back on track.
  • New students who complete their first class in eight weeks gain the confidence they need to take more classes.

Here is how you can earn a college degree in two years through YC’s 8-week class model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes can I take in an 8-week session?

  • When possible, students should take two classes in each 8-week session and two classes in the summer session. It is recommended to take no more than 3 classes in an 8-week session.
  • In terms of maximum allowable semester credits in the 8-week session, a student can take a maximum of 10 semester credits in an 8-week session, but your total number of semester credits cannot exceed 18.

Can I take 16-week and 8-week classes at the same time?

  • Yes, not all classes will be converted to an 8-week model. It is encouraged to try and take all 16-week or all 8-week classes in a semester. However, if you need to take 16-week and 8-week classes at the same time please make an appointment with an Academic Advisor to properly schedule a 16/8-week combination that will set you up for success.

How do I achieve full-time status in the 8-week model?

  • Full-time status is achieved by taking at least 12 semester credits in a long semester (combination of 16-week, first 8-week, and second 8-week classes). If you register for a combined total of 12 credit hours, you will still be a full-time student. Contact YC  Financial Aid if you have any additional questions.

What will be the dates for adding, dropping, or withdrawing from 8-week classes?

  • The last day to add is the 6th day after displayed start date of the class.
  • The last day to drop and receive a refund is the 9th day after displayed start date of the class.
  • See the academic calendar for semester and session dates.

How many semester credits will I get from an 8-week class?

  • The semester credit hours for your classes will not change. If you take two 3-credit-hour classes in an 8-week format, you will earn 6 credit hours.

Will I have to take 4 classes in the 1st 8 weeks and 4 classes in the 2nd 8 weeks?

  • No. If you currently take 12 semester credits in one semester, you will need to take 12 semester credits in this upcoming fall or spring semester. Instead of taking four classes at the same time, you will take two classes in the 1st 8 weeks and two classes in the 2nd 8 weeks.

Will the cost of the courses change?

  • No - If you typically have taken 12 credit hours during a semester, and you take two classes in the first 8-week session and two classes in the second 8-week session, you will still be paying tuition for 12 credit hours.

Will my financial aid be affected if I take 8-week classes?

  • Pell Grant awards are based on full-time enrollment status (12 + credits) and are prorated based on a student’s enrollment status at the time of the published Freeze/Pell Recalculation Date. The enrollment status does not differentiate between 16-week class credits and 8-week class credits. Any classes that are added or dropped after this Freeze Date will not impact (either increase or decrease) the student’s financial aid for the semester. However, adding extra classes may require you to pay for those courses out of pocket. Students who never attend class will be subject to a reduction of Pell eligibility and students who withdraw from all classes will be subject to a Return to Title IV eligibility calculation that may result in financial aid funds having to be repaid.
  • It depends on your "specific situation" - Always contact your Financial Aid Advisor for further information on how taking 8-week classes may or may not affect the eligibility, amount, or timeliness of your Financial Aid. To contact your Financial Aid advisor, login to your myYC portal and click on the Your Advisor link in the upper left corner of the screen. You can email them or book a calendar appointment with them using the provided links.