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GED® / HSE Classes for Yavapai, LaPaz & Mohave Counties

All students must be legal U.S. residents and bring a picture I.D. on the first day of class.

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(928) 717-7357 - GED Info Line

Overview of the free GED Prep Classes for LaPaz county

If you are at least 16 years old, out of high school, and are a legal US resident, you are eligible to join us!

La Paz County GED Courses meet online in a zoom class or through our Essential Education independent study program. Our teachers are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. GED courses cover the essential GED topics relevant to passing the GED test.

GED Course Topics: Every GED class includes math instruction. GED math topics include whole number basics, pre-algebra, understanding graphics, and practice solving word problems. Higher math includes algebraic concepts, graphing & linear equations, geometry, and practice solving word problems.

Other courses include essential skills to pass the Science, Social Studies, and Civics tests and Writing in preparation for the passing the GED essay. Reading skills practice is required for those who need to strengthen vocabualry and comprehension.

Tutoring for enrolled students is available.  If you live in LaPaz county, contact us today!