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The YC WAY Award is presented to College employees who demonstrate
Relationship Excellence, Service Excellence, or Learning Excellence.

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Relationship Excellence
Christina PoeppelCristina Poeppel
Early College Advisor
Relationship Excellence
Learning Excellence
Jennifer RitterJennifer Ritter
Nursing Professor
Learning Excellence
Service Excellence
Barrett JohnsonBarrett Johnson
TeLS Specialist
Service Excellence

The YC Way Awards and Nominations

The YC Way Awards are designed to recognize staff and faculty who exemplify one of the three YC Way pillars; Relationship Excellence, Service Excellence and Learning Excellence.

This is a prestigious award presented to winners by the President and Leadership Team. Winners will receive a luncheon with the President and leadership team along with a trophy and certificate. Winners will also receive a copy of their nomination and ability to include it in their evaluation.

Nominations can be submitted by staff, faculty or student body by clicking on the nomination buttons on the right-hand menu. The Learning Center is available to students who wish to have their nomination looked over before submitting.

Nominations received after the November 15th deadline will be automatically applied to the next year’s award cycle. Winners are announced at Spring Convocation.

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For questions please contact Jenn Zimmerman at or Shannon Johns at

Relationship Excellence

Relationship Excellence starts with the individual. It's each and every person working to understand their behavior better so that interactions with others can improve. It is taking ownership and responsibility for one's actions. It is being responsible for your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions and owning the choices you make and the results that follow without blaming and justifying our behavior. It is also flexibility; being willing to do things differently; recognizing what is not working and being willing to change what you are doing to achieve the goals of the institution. It's evidenced by partnerships and collaborations that result in the college, our students and/or the community being well-served.

It's relationship excellence that keeps people feeling connected to the organization as a valued contributor and makes learning and service excellence possible.

Service Excellence

Service is the extent to which we consistently meet and manage our stakeholders' needs and expectations. It is delivering what we have promised and timely response to any problems and queries that arise. Service excellence is when these needs and expectations are surpassed and when stakeholders feel that they have received that little unexpected extra in the shape of extra effort. Sometimes that little unexpected extra can come in different shapes and forms such as a smile, a positive remark, random acts of kindness or the additional effort by a service provider; going the extra mile. It’s making every person that interacts with the institution feel like they matter, and the institution cares about them and their needs.

Service Excellence is a significant advantage and performance differentiator for organizations.

Learning Excellence

Learning Excellence is an institutional commitment to improving teaching and learning; it’s also a recognition that teaching and learning happens inside and outside of the classroom. It is all of us working toward an understanding of the formal and informal learning that is experienced by our students. It is promoting professional development so that faculty and staff can further develop expertise in their subject matter.

It is a willingness to actively involve students in the learning process. It is fostering an environment conducive to learning; and it includes faculty and staff attitude toward students. It is taking a sincere interest in students and getting to know them and their specific needs on a personal level. Learning Excellence moves beyond a set of principles and outcomes –it is a set of beliefs at the core, that determine an organization’s way of thinking and being and how that shapes the learning environment and what happens there.

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Learning Excellence

Service Excellence

Relationship Excellence

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