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Employee Recognition Committee

Improve staff engagement and job satisfaction through highlighting fellow employees with appreciation.

Upcoming Events

  • Years of Service - March 2020
  • More details coming soon
  • Candy Grams - April 2020
  • More informatin coming soon

YC Way Award

All YC employees—faculty, staff, and administration—are eligible to be nominated for a YC Way Award. Anyone can nominate someone: peer-to-peer, supervisor-to-employee, and employee-to-supervisor.

The first YC Way Awards will be given to the three recipients at Spring Convocation on January 8, 2020.

Relationship Excellence keeps people feeling connected to the organization as a valued contributor and makes learning and service excellence possible.

Service Excellence is a significant advantage and performance differentiator for organizations.

Learning Excellence moves beyond a set of principles and outcomes –it is a set of beliefs at the core, that determine an organization's way of thinking and being and how that shapes the learning environment and what happens there.

  • Kate Redmon
  • Janice Soutee
  • Ustadza White
  • Gina Earles
  • Shannon Johns
  • James Haile
  • Evelyn Garey
  • Mandi Lopez
  • Melanie Paradise
  • Billie Norris
  • Barrett Johnson
  • Jennifer Taylor
  • Jennie Jacobson
  • Julie Garver
  • Diana Dowling
  • Amber Lillie
  • Wendy Present
  • Scott Farnsworth
  • Erica Alessi
  • Molly Beauchman
  • Brad Clifford
  • Marie Hardman
  • Steven Sparks
  • Le Anne Lawhead
  • Ray Ceo
  • Kelly O'Brien
  • Justin Brereton
  • Karla Phillips

Employee Recognition Committee Members


Service Excellence for a Yavapai College Peer

Good job!

Would you like to recognize a peer for going above and beyond the call of duty? Click here to view the Service Excellence Recognition form to have a certificate of gratitude sent to them.

It doesn't take long, and a simple "I appreciate you!"" is usually enough to brighten someone's day.

This is open to all staff members, full-time, part-time… it doesn't matter. Let's celebrate the hard work and dedication our staffers give every day! We look forward to seeing your nominations, and thank you for your continued support!

Service Excellence Recipient List - December 2019

  • Ryan Gray
  • Meghan Paquette
  • Scottie (Heather) Scott

Service Excellence Recipient List - November 2019

  • Petra Bennett
  • Kay Rollis
  • Lori McIntyre
  • Jason Spangler
  • Nancy (Susan) Terkelsen
  • Karen Smith
  • Richard Pierce
  • Ustadza White
  • Shelly Gilliam
  • Ginney Bilbray
  • Sandy McCreight
  • Anne Stoxen
  • Adrienne Carlos
  • Previous Months Receipients
  • Matthew Chalcraft
  • Kelly Stepanek
  • Paige Ruggles-Kruger
  • Shelby Kooiman
  • Lupe Mercado
  • Heidi Coughlin
  • Sean Holmes
  • Shannon Johns
  • Cristina Poeppel
  • Chelsie Klaine
  • Santana Alvarado
  • Deb Schumacher
  • Gina Hammond

Employee Recognition Meeting Notes

Winter Celebration Meeting Notes