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Semester MUST DO List

Please follow these steps each semester to ensure that your Veterans Education Benefits are requested from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

1. Meet with your Academic Advisor

It is important to meet with your Academic Advisor to review your program of study.

 Program of Study and Enrollment Certification details

Yavapai College can only certify enrollment for:

  • Courses that are part of your declared program of study
  • Prerequisites to courses that are part of your declared program of study
  • Developmental courses (below 100 level) recommended as the result of ACCUPLACER placement testing and taken in a traditional classroom format. Veterans’ education benefits do not pay for below 100 level courses taken online or in a hybrid (online and classroom) or online format.

Yavapai College cannot certify enrollment for:

  • Courses that you have previously taken and passed at Yavapai College
  • Courses for which you receive transfer credit
  • Per VA regulations, a student can only be certified for two semesters without the evaluation of all transcripts. If you are certified for a course that later turns up on your list of transfer courses, you will owe the Department of Veterans Affairs for any benefits paid toward that course taken at Yavapai College.
  • Developmental courses (below 100 level) recommended as the result of ACCUPLACER placement testing and taken in a hybrid (online and classroom) or online format. These courses must be taken in a traditional classroom format to be certified.

If you are changing your Program of Study:

  • Your Academic Advisor must change your Yavapai College record
  • Contact your Academic Advisor if you have questions about the applicability of a course to your declared program, or if you need assistance with prerequisites.

2. Register for Classes

Benefits payments are appropriated differently for standard semester length (15 - 19 weeks) courses than for nonstandard length courses. Enrollment in non-standard length courses may cause the Veterans Education Benefit amount to fluctuate throughout the semester. For this reason, enrollment in full semester length courses is recommended. Register for classes and view registration dates and deadlines on the 2016-17 Calendar.


3. Pay Your Tuition and Fees

The system will automatically drop you from courses if you have not paid your balance in full when registered unless you sign up for the Veterans Payment Plan or have been awarded sufficient Federal Financial Aid to pay your balance in full.

  Setting up a Veterans Payment Plan
  • Log onto the YC website and follow these detailed instructions on "How to Set-up a Payment Plan".
  • If the Veterans Payment Plan does not show up as an option it may be because you have not completed the application requirements for Yavapai College Veterans Services as outlined in New Applicant Instructions or you have been awarded sufficient Federal Financial Aid to pay your balance in full.
  • If you are dropped from your classes for nonpayment, simply register for new classes and complete the Veterans Payment Plan. There is nothing that Veterans Services office can do to get a student back in a class that is full.
  • The Veterans Payment Plan will automatically adjust when you make changes to your schedule.
  • For assistance with the Veterans Payment Plan, please contact the Bursar's Office at 928-776-2138

4. Textbooks - Deferred Payment for Veterans

The Yavapai College Bookstore offers a deferred payment option for students receiving Veterans Education Benefits. You may purchase all, some or none of your textbooks through the Yavapai College Bookstore. All textbook payments except VA Vocational Rehabilitation Chapter 31 are sent directly to the student. You are responsible to pay for your textbooks by the payment deadline. Click the toggle below for detailed information.

  Textbook Purchasing Details
  • To participate in the deferred textbook payment program at the Yavapai College Bookstore simply tell the bookstore cashier that you are receiving Veterans Education Benefits and present a copy of your Veterans Payment Plan confirmation page.
  • When ordering your textbooks from the Yavapai College Bookstore online, please select the payment method "Financial Aid" at the checkout screen to use the deferred payment option.
  • Students will have a limit on how much they can spend, determined by the number of enrolled credits.
  • Book charges are only for the purchase of books and cannot be used for supplies.
  • Please see the financial aid calendar for specific dates. This option will not be available before or after those dates. Note: Dates to charge textbooks at the Bookstore may be different for Veterans with financial aid and Veterans who do not have financial aid.
  • Each night, an updated list of eligible veterans will be electronically transmitted to the bookstore. Charges are transmitted back to your Yavapai College account.
  • If you choose to charge your textbooks at the Yavapai College Bookstore, that amount will be added to your tuition and fees balance due to Yavapai College. When the payment deadline for your Veterans Payment Plan comes due, the college will charge your credit card or deduct from your bank account as indicated on your Veterans Payment Plan. Please be sure the funds are available.

5. Request Your Veterans Education Benefits

You must submit a Benefits Request each semester authorizing Yavapai College to request your Veterans' Education Benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Failure to submit this form means your enrollment will not be certified for the semester and no benefits will be paid.

  Submitting a Benefits Request Form
  • The student is responsible for notifying the Veterans Services office immediately upon any change to their class schedule, benefits chapter or program of study by completing a revised benefits request available by logging into the website and clicking on My Services, Students, My Financial Aid. Click on the button called "Semester Veterans Benefits Request". You can also access the online form directly by following this link and logging in.
  • Students receiving benefits under chapters 30 (MGIB), 1606, and 1607 (REAP) must verify their enrollment on or after the last day of each month by Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) at or by Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 877-823-2378. IVR allows students to “phone in” (1-877-823-2378) their monthly verification if there are no changes to the enrollment during the previous month. If there were changes in the enrollment the student must use the WAVE system or speak with an Education Case Manager at 1-888-442-4551. Benefits will not be paid for that month until this is complete.