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Learning Institutes

Share best practices, techniques, educational issues, new technologies, socialize and have fun

Summer and Winter Faculty Learning Institutes

YC Faculty Peer Trainings & Keynote Speakers

The institutes are events where YC faculty offer and receive training from their peers in a huge variety of topics about teaching and learning. It's a place where teachers share best practices, techniques, educational issues, new technologies, as well as socialize and have fun together twice a year. Keynote speakers from inside and outside the college are regularly present. Though ostensibly for faculty, staff members often take part on both sides of the podium.

Started in 2006

The very first institute was offered during the summer of 2006. It was a 6-day training event, where 58 faculty members were in attendance, during which were we provided 1148 training hours. Since the first institute was so successful, the college supported moving forward with the biannual, multi-day teaching and learning event for all full-time and adjunct faculty.

A Multi-day Event

The institutes are hosted by the Teaching & eLearning Support (TeLS) Department and the Teaching & Learning Committee (TLC). The Summer Institute is a multiple-day event held in May, the week after the spring semester ends. The Winter Institute is a one-day event held in December, the week after the fall semester ends.

Over 505 Workshops Since the Beginning

Faculty and staff have conducted approximately 505 workshop sessions during the institutes. There have been 1640 participants and 10,561 total engagement hours.