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Smoking Policy

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Yavapai College Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy

Effective August 22, 2016: Yavapai College Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy 10.09

Smoking Reporting Form

The policy allows smoking on Yavapai College campuses within a limited number of designated outdoor areas. These areas are clearly marked with signage and furnished with tobacco product waste receptacles. Smoking includes, but is not limited to: carrying a lighted or smoldering cigarette, cigar, pipe, inhaling e-cigarettes, and vaporizers.

Use of smokeless tobacco products, including but not limited to snuff and chew, is prohibited within College vehicles, buildings, and residence halls -- and within 25 feet of building entries, doors, windows, and air vents.

We encourage employees and students to take control of their own health by making informed decisions regarding smoking.

Please take a few moments to review the policy, designated smoking area maps (see campus links above), and the smoking cessation resources below.

Smoking Cessation Resources