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Get Involved and Engage

Volunteering with OLLI helps the OLLI program, it is true. But, more importantly, volunteering with OLLI helps you.

An internet search for "benefits of volunteering as an older adult" yields pages and pages of results, many mentioning improved physical and mental health as primary reasons to volunteer.

The repeated message is clear – people who volunteer feel less isolated, are more physically active, have stronger mental acuity and have a greater sense of purpose and well-being. They feel connected to their community in a meaningful way.

OLLI is fortunate to have a strong base of vibrant and talented people who volunteer, and who keep OLLI going and growing – and there’s definitely room for you! You have valuable life experience to contribute and can help take OLLI in new directions. You have expertise to share and can help connect OLLI members.

Volunteering your time helps OLLI expand courses, activities, and benefits to the greater Sedona-Verde Valley community.

How would you like to OLLI?

Please complete the form to begin volunteering with OLLI or email jennifer.theroux@yc.edu to ask questions.

All OLLI catalog offerings are facilitated by volunteers who have a passion for sharing what they know. Everyone has something to offer. Whether your focus is in science, arts, philosophy, math, social concerns, automobiles, animals, plants, or a specialty hobby, someone else would like to know what you know. Please visit our Teach for OLLI page to get started.

Your lifelong experience is valuable and needed. Please consider working with one of our committees.

Administration and Finance - Works with OLLI Director in preparation of annual budget, three-year budget forecast, and other financial planning and programs as needed. Provides leadership in preparing and reviewing the strategic plan, data for planning, and administrative policies.

Curriculum – Participates in the organization of OLLI’s curriculum, both at a local level (Sedona or Verde Valley) or a Leadership level (all campuses). This includes maintenance of academic standards, recruitment, approval, and support of instructors, and the selection and approval of courses.

Development/Fundraising - Cultivates a culture of giving by working in concert with the YC Foundation staff, OLLI director, and OLLI Council to design and implement a comprehensive development program. The committee assists with annual, planned and major gifts, as well as corporate and foundation support and sponsorships.

Membership - Organizes and carries out a program that has as its primary goal to welcome new members and to assist in retaining members. Encourage members to use their talents by participating in OLLI committees and teaching courses/workshops.

Nominating - Recruits new leaders for OLLI Council positions and committees. Prepares the slate of officers for presentation and approval of OLLI members at the Annual Meeting.

Promotion and Publicity – Participates in the organization and implementation of a public relations program designed to achieve the membership goals. Uses the Osher image to increase awareness of OLLI in the community.

Social - Plans and organizes OLLI socials, oversee refreshments as needed for special events and directs set up/breakdown for special OLL events, and other activities as deemed important. Has the most fun!!

Technology - Works with the OLLI staff and YC IT staff to encourage OLLI facilitators/leaders and members to use technology. Helps lead the OLLI Facilitator AV Training Sessions.

If a committee position feels too big, there are many other important ways to be involved. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Event volunteer
  • Office volunteer
  • Catalog distribution
  • Volunteer Recruiting & Coordination
  • Technology support
  • (Fill in the blank and tell us what you’d like to do!)

Please complete the form to begin volunteering with OLLI or email jennifer.theroux@yc.edu to ask questions.