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US Postal Services

We provide most of the services available at the US Post Office*

USPS package tracking

USPSPreparing Metered Mail

All metered mail must be in a College-identified envelope and include a complete mailing address with a College departmental mailing account barcode and a mail box number or department name in the return portion of the envelope.

No greeting cards will be sent through metered mail - they will be returned to sender for postage. Exceptions to this procedure can be made at the discretion of the President or by her/his designee.

Please rubber band bundles of mail together before placing them in the outgoing mail slots.

Mail drop locations (blue boxes)
  • Hallway by the Food Court (Bldg 3)
  • Satellite Mail Center (Bldg 32)
  • Inside and outside of Mail Center (Bldg 7)

What is "Metered Mail"

Mail Center Policy (2.18.1.A.) Metered mail is defined as official College mail from College offices, departments or student clubs, etc., that the Mail Center weighs, affixes postage and posts out.

Metered mail is not for personal use.

Separating Mail

Keep outgoing mail separate from campus mail. Rubber band groups of mail together as follows:

Campus Mail
  • Prescott Campus
  • Verde Valley, Chino Valley Agribusiness Center, Prescott Valley and Sedona (please separate by location)
  • President's Office

Outgoing Mail
  • Stamped - (please bundle 863xx mail separately from all other mail)
  • Metered - (please bundle 863xx mail separately from all other mail)

Sealing Mail

The postage meter sealer can

  • seal envelopes as they are metered
  • seal envelopes without metering them
  • seal envelopes with 5 or less sheets inside
  • seal up to #10 envelopes (9" X 4 1/8")

Envelopes larger than #10 size and those containing 6 or more sheets must be sealed before being brought to the Mail Center.

Bundles of envelopes to be sealed must not have flaps overlapping other envelopes. Each envelope must be separate from the next one. Any bundles brought in with flaps up will be returned to sender to be processed properly.


All outgoing US Mail must be in the Mail Center by 3:00 pm in order to go out the same day.

Personal Mail - Mail Center Policy (2.18.3) Only incoming Yavapai College business mail is appropriate for delivery to the Yavapai College Mail Center.

* (With the exception of registered mail and money orders)