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Tutoring Services

Drop-in Tutoring

Free tutoring services for all currently enrolled YC students.

Online Writing Tutor

Submit your paper for review and comments by a tutor; 2 business day turn-around time. This is not an edit/proofread service. Tutors can, however work with you to help you improve your writing assignments.

Click to upload your paper and get feedback


Stuck on a homework assignment? E-mail a tutor a question to help you get unstuck. One (1) business day turn-around time. Click to submit a question to Ask-A-Tutor.


Phone in to the Verde Learning Center to get help by telephone. Call (928) 634-6562.

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Tutors are unable to do the following:

  • do your homework
  • edit or proofread your work
  • help with take-home or online tests

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