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Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. SI sessions help you master your course and learn collaboratively with your peers in a relaxed and engaging setting. Sessions are facilitated by students (SI Leaders) who have already taken and done well in the course.

How can I benefit from attending SI sessions?

  • Earn higher course grades
  • Learn how-to-learn while learning what-to-learn
  • Become actively involved in subject material
  • Comparing notes
  • Enhanced study skills
  • Actively engaging in critical thinking and analyzing concepts
  • Opportunity to ask questions outside of class
  • Dedicated time to spend with a knowledgeable SI Leader

Supplemental Instruction Meeting

Who are SI Leaders?

SI Leaders are students who have successfully completed the course, and want to help others succeed. They attend all classes, take notes, read assigned materials, and prepare activity-based sessions that correspond with the material covered in class. SI Leaders actively engage students in the learning process and demonstrate effective study strategies that students can apply to any class.

What happens in an SI session?

An SI session is a time to interact with other students in the class to better learn, understand, and apply the relevant material by asking questions, comparing notes, and developing study skills.  SI sessions are informal; bring your notes, your textbook, and your questions.

Your leader will help you make good use of your study time.  Your leader will share with you the strategies he/she used to be successful in the course.

Your leader will not lecture or give you his/her class notes.  Your leader will not do your homework or your thinking for you.  

How can I attend SI?

Attendance is FREE and available to any student who is registered in a SI-supported course. Simply show-up at the specific times and locations as indicated by your SI Leader or contact the Learning Center. 

When do SI sessions start?

SI sessions start the very first week of classes and continue throughout the semester. Your SI Leader will keep you informed about the times and locations.

What's in it for me?

If you attend SI sessions regularly, chances are you’ll earn a better grade. Research indicates that students who attend SI sessions on a regular basis earn half to a whole letter grade higher than students who do not attend SI sessions.

Become an SI Leader

Applications for SI Leaders are accepted throughout the school year. We are currently seeking individuals with strong interpersonal communication skills who are willing to assist a diverse group of students. SI Leaders must have completed the prospective SI course(s) with a grade of B or higher, have a cumulative 3.0 GPA, and have a faculty recommendation. For more detailed information please contact the Learning Center.