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Learning Center writing tutors are available to assist you with writing assignments in any subject.

Tutors provide recommendations on writing more effectively, pointing out recurring errors, and understanding the various stages of the writing process to help you edit and improve your paper.

Writing Tutors are available two ways

  • Online Writing Tutor (max. two business day turnaround; see instructions below)
  • Drop In Tutoring in-person/online sessions (available 7 days/week)

Instructions for Completing the Online Writing Tutor (O.W.T.) Form...

  1. Complete all sections of the O.W.T. form (submissions accepted 24/7)
  2. Attach your file when using the form
  3. You'll receive a confirmation notice in your e-mail letting you know we received your file
  4. Please contact the Prescott Learning Center at (928) 776-2085 with any questions or concerns regarding your online submission.

Click here and complete the Online Writing Tutor form
NOTE Please allow 2 business days for a response.*

* If you need a response sooner, use the Drop-In Tutoring