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Learning Centers at YC Individualized academic support for students

Welcome to the Fall 2022 semester!
Aug. 15 - Dec 10, 2022

Succeed in School! Finals Preparation Begins the First Day of Class!

The Learning Centers are OPEN to all YC enrolled students for free services including tutoring, independent & group studying, and student success workshops, available both on-campus and online including:

  • Tutoring Services - On-campus tutoring, drop-in Zoom sessions, and the online writing tutor are available. No appointment required. There are tutors available all seven days of the week.
  • Student Success Workshops Schedule  - Schedule a one-on-one on-campus or Zoom workshop for your own custom session on learning- and life-skills that support you meeting your goals smarter.
  • Disability Resource Specialists  - Specialists meet on-campus, via Zoom, phone call, or email with you to discuss any questions or concerns.

Succeed in School!

In-person, Online, One-on-One and Group Workshops, Tutoring and other academic support services

The Learning Centers provide individualized help for all students in a supportive and comfortable learning environment, which nurtures academic independence and success