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Early College High School Coordinators

Duties and Resources for High School Coordinators

Fall and Spring Semesters

  • Help students apply for admissions.
  • Confirm that new students meet course prerequisites.
  • Assess and assist students’ “College Readiness” skills.
  • Use the Early College System to assist students with requesting classes, approving requests, and coaching students on how to meet the prerequisites and registering for dual enrollment courses. Coordinators will be required to use the EC System every Fall and Spring terms to complete the registration process.
  • Assist students with registration problems.
  • Mentor students and parents on the dual enrollment process.
  • Use dual enrollment website and handouts to assist students.
  • Recommend students appropriately for dual enrollment courses.
  • Refer students appropriately to the college if problems arise.
  • Communicate with DE Advisor regarding any changes/modifications to your school's dual enrollment program.
  • Provide alternatives for students not assessing into dual enrollment classes.
  • Attend 1-2 professional development trainings each year.
  • Schedule an Early College day for your school. Max capacity is 60 students per day.  Students will apply for admissions, take the Accuplacer, Tour campus and participate in group advising session.  Lunch is not provided during Early College days.  Students can purchase food in the diners or bring their own lunch.


  • Schedule and Conduct Admissions for students recommended for the dual enrollment program. Mass admissions day(s) are recommended for large schools.
  • Schedule ACCUPLACER Testing Day. A detailed testing schedule must be submitted to the Dual Enrollment Advisor prior to testing.
  • Create Dual Enrollment Master Roster. Input student Y numbers, date of birth and AIMS READING scores into provided template. If conducting mass admissions days, it is recommended to have AIMS READING scores available for completion of Master Roster during admissions process.
  • Email Master Roster to Dual Enrollment advisor. DEADLINE: Roster must be received 10 working days PRIOR to scheduled ACCUPLACER Testing Day. In the event that this deadline is not met, the ACCUPLACER Assessment will need to be rescheduled.

All high schools are expected to establish their own unique recommendation system that identifies students who are mature and have the academic skill set to be successful in a college class.

High School vs. College Handout

Class Caps:

  • ENG 101 and 102 are capped at 22.
  • Science: Capped according to number of lab stations
  • AUTO: Capped according to space, equipment and safety regulations
  • Enrollment is not limited for all other DE classes.

Class Enrollment:

  • The following classes must be made of students that meet the prerequisite for the course and register by the deadline: ENG, MATH, Science & AHS.
  • It is recommended that Career and Tech Ed classes are made up of registered students.

FERPA and High School Students

  • Dual Enrollment or JTED students are enrolled in a post-secondary institution when they register for a Yavapai College class and FERPA rights have transferred to the student. Their records must be treated as any other student record at Yavapai College. Yavapai College faculty and staff may NOT discuss dual enrollment education records with the parent, unless the student is present and agrees to the conversation, or the student has provided written consent.

Non-Documented Students:

  • Non-documented students do not need to go through the online admissions application. They should email the following information to the YC DE Coordinator: full legal name, date of birth, mailing and permanent addresses, phone number, email address, unofficial high school transcript, and a copy of their photo id.
  • Once the information is received, it will take 1-3 days to have an account manually created for the student. The student should contact the YC DE Coordinator to obtain their student account log -in information.

Repeating Courses:

  • Currently students are allowed to repeat DE courses that they withdrew from or failed. This is subject to change for the 2014-15 school year. Students interested in repeating a DE course, are encouraged to meet with an YC Academic Advisor to understand their academic standing.