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Equity at YC

At Yavapai College, Equity is a core value.  

Equity Value

  • We are committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment aimed at supporting and educating our students, staff, faculty, administration, and community partners regardless of individual backgrounds, identities, and differences.
  • We are committed to dismantling structural barriers to equity by investing in policies, practices, and behaviors that work to support all students, staff, faculty, administration, and community partners to continually assess and adjust our behavior to be more equitable, fair, and just.

equity metaphorical image with people lifted up so they all have the same distance to reach for the fruit

What is Equity?

Equity statemement from American Association of Colleges and Universities, as stated in America’s Unmet Promise:

Simply put, achieving equality in outcomes does not mean—in fact cannot mean—treating all students as though they are the same. Rather, [equity-focused] policies and practices in higher education recognize and accommodate differences in students’ aspirations, life circumstances, ways of engaging in learning and participating in college, and identities as learners and students.” (Witham et al. 2015b, 31)


Image "Equality and Equity" by MPCA photos on Flickr, Licensed CC-BY-NC 2.0