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What Type of Student Are You?



Are you interested in becoming a full time student, a part time student, or just taking a few classes? No matter what your goals are Yavapai College is here to help you reach your goals. Take a second to tell us who you are, so we can help you find options available here at Yavapai that are tailored to your needs.

Step 1: What type of student you are

I am a First-Time College Student - A First time college student can come from many different walks of life. Some will be starting college directly out of High School, while others may have been home taking care of a family, and others may come from the workforce supporting themselves or their family. Having the desire to better yourself through education is a worthy and attainable goal. Being a first time college student can be challenging, but keep in mind there are services available at Yavapai College to help you succeed.

I am looking to upscale in my current career - For students who are looking to upskill and advance in a current career or move up the corporate ladder, finding the right training opportunities that fit into your busy schedule can be intimidating. Yavapai College has a variety of learning options to support your career goals, be they in the fields of business and IT or manufacturing and electronics. If you are looking to move up in your current career, don’t hesitate to contact Yavapai College and use the resources that are available to help you succeed.

I am only taking a class or two - Are you a student who is only interested in taking a class or two? For example, you work full time, you’re new to the college Idea and want to test out the college experience, or you’re looking to take some classes for fun? Yavapai College offers a variety of fun and interesting classes both on campus and online to fit a variety of schedules. If you are interested in a class or two, don’t hesitate to talk with an academic advisor, or stop by student registration to get started.

I am a High School student - For many High School Students, figuring out the right career path to take can be a challenge. There are so many choices of schools, trainings, and career options available. Yavapai College has over 100 programs available to choose from in a variety of fields. If you are not sure what career path you want to take, reach out to our career coaches and advisors who can help you narrow down the options.

I am starting my education and career midlife - Are you a stay at home mom or dad, a family caregiver, or have been unsure about a career goal and moving from Job to Job without a chosen career path? Remember it’s never too late to make a change. Starting back to school may feel daunting, but Yavapai College is here to help. Take the time now to meet with a career coach or an advisor who will provide guidance and information on different options available, which will help you decide which career path you would like to get starting on here at Yavapai College.

I Am A Military Veteran - If you are a Veteran, or know of a Veteran who is interested in continuing their education Yavapai College has many services available to help you succeed in your transition. The Veterans Upward Bound TRiO program gives eligible US Military Veterans throughout Northern Arizona the opportunity to refresh their academic skills and provided support to assist them in successfully pursuing a college, university, or technical school degree or certificate.

Step 2: Now that you know what type of student you are, think about what type of education you're looking for.

Refer to the graphic below to see what type of education you will need to train for different employment levels.

Student Type Table

Learning Options at Yavapai College

Step 3: Now that you know the type of student you are, and the available Learning options here at Yavapai College, your next step is to explore your career options and other services available.

We are here to help.