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Executive Summary

Community Survey Final Report Summer 2017

Ends (Goals)

This time as in 2014, there is strong support throughout the district for the three Ends: Education (Job Seekers, Transfer Students, and Lifelong Learners), Economic Development, and Cultural Enrichment. This holds true by region, gender, age, and residency longevity. Though all three are strongly supported, residents are in strongest agreement with our Education End.

Participation in YC Services

Community participation rates at Yavapai College events and activities are consistently in the top quartile of community colleges across the country according to the National Community College Benchmark Study.

In this study, we asked participants about their family’s participation in 19 different YC services over the past three years. Regarding gender, men tend to participate in fewer services than women do. Concerning residency, newcomers participated in fewer events than residents who have lived in Yavapai County for six years or longer. Finally, residents of the East Region participated in fewer events than residents of the West Region, which was consistent with the 2014 findings.

Satisfaction with Yavapai College Events and Activities

There is high satisfaction throughout the district with events and activities in which participants have participated. In general, this holds true by region, age, gender, and residence longevity.

Though still satisfied, district residents rate Economic Development activities lowest compared to other YC events/activities in which they have participated.

"YC makes Yavapai County a better place to learn, to work, and to live"

When viewing the data sorted by age, gender and residence longevity, residents are in strong agreement with the above statement. Though still in agreement, the East county region is less in agreement with the above statement than the West region, which was also true in the 2014 study.