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College Honors Program

Admissions Application Instructions

How to Apply for the College Honors Program

Application Deadline: All required documentation must be submitted by March 2nd at 5pm. No late or incomplete applications will be considered. Submit early to leave sufficient time to handle lost documentation or necessary clarifications.

Steps to apply and details on supporting documentation:

All files to be uploaded must be in a .pdf format


Provide a cover letter addressed to the College Honors Program Advisory Board. This letter should:

  • provide information explaining your personal, academic and professional goals.
  • review your honors earned, noteworthy accomplishments, service activities, leadership roles, and unique talents
  • explain why you wish to be selected for the CHP, how you expect to benefit from the program, and how you intend to contribute to the program
  • include a statement that you have a minimum of 2 semesters of full-time course work remaining for completing an Associate Degree

Compose a formal essay based on the prompt below:

  • Formal essay should be in response to the prompt provided. No other submissions will be considered.
  • The essay submitted for admission to the program must be your original work and prepared without assistance in planning, writing, or editing.
  • It must be composed specifically for the purpose of supporting the Honors Program application. Essays previously submitted for any other purpose may not be reused for the CHP application.
  • Any outside sources or references must be properly document and cited according to one of the standards accepted in formal writing (MLA, APA, or Chicago Book of Style).
  • The essay should follow the usual principles for effective writing. It must be typed, double- spaced, and in 12pt. Times New Roman font.
  • The essay must be no less than 500 and no more than 1000 words in length
  • Write what you want to write and not simply what you think the committee wants to hear. We’re looking for authentic and interesting individuals that bring creativity and vibrancy to the program.

Please complete a written 500 – 1,000-word response to the following prompt:

  •  Describe your favorite piece of art (literature, music, theatre, film, dance, etc) OR a current local, national or international event that has affected your education and its personal and academic significance.

Make sure to include the following statement at the end of your essay: I affirm that the attached essay is my original work. I have received no assistance in preparing it. If I have included information outside my own experience or outside the experience of literate adults, I have indicated my sources.

Submit two letters of recommendation. Choose two, objective, non-family person who can provide a letter of recommendation:

  • One person should address your leadership skills.
  • The other person should address your academic achievements. This person must be from an academic source capable of addressing your scholastic abilities

The letters should be addressed to the CHP Advisory Board. When you apply, you will be asked to provide names and contact phone and email for your recommenders. They will receive an email with a link to complete their recommendation. Your recommenders must submit the letters to the Financial Aid.

We encourage you to check on the status of your application to make sure everything you need has been received. Please call the Financial Aid Office at 928-717-7134 before the March 1st deadline to confirm all of your application materials have been received. All students who have submitted a completed application and all supporting materials will be notified about their status in the program after April 1st.

Do these three steps by March 1 to complete your application