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Free Speech Policy

Learn about Free Speech and Public Expression guidelines on Yavapai College campuses

In accordance with Arizona House Bill 2563, Yavapai College has enacted a Public Access and Expression on College Property policy.

In summary, this policy states that:

"Yavapai College is committed to standards promoting speech and expression that fosters the maximum exchange of ideas and opinions. This statement of policy outlines principles that ensure these standards. The Yavapai College community enjoys the right to freedom of speech and expression on all campuses and sites. This freedom includes the right to express a view on the widest range of public and private concerns and to engage in the robust expression of ideas."

Reserving a space for public expression

Individuals or groups who wish to engage in planned Public Expression activities may reserve a particular Public Area in advance by submitting a request using the button below. The Associate Dean of Student Life will be in contact within 2 business days to discuss the location and approval of your request.

NOTE: the College maintains a separate policy in regards to solicitation. Read more here

Request to reserve space

If you have any questions please contact Diana Dowling at 928.776.2391 (928) 776-2391 or at

Concerns or complaints

Any concerns or complaints in regards to an events related to this policy on any campus may be submitted via the following form Complete form

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