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Base Budget Review

FY2020-2021 Base budget review due to Budget Office: December 9, 2019

Banner Self Service Budget Development and Banner Self Service Salary Planner Modules aret tools for use when reviewing your budget.

Initial Budget Manager Notification

FY2022-2023 Base Budget Review

Due to your division: November 25, 2021
Due to Budget Office: January 9, 2022

Return your proposed budget to your appropriate Vice President or Dean no later than November 25, 2021  The VP's will then finalize the budgets for their areas and submit them to the Budget Office for consolidation by January 9, 2022.

The instructions for preparing your budget(s) are outlined below. It is in your best interest to ensure your budgets include all positions and appropriations that should be there.  Please exercise care when reviewing your budget, once the budget is adopted by the Board, there is no opportunity to make corrections (additions).

Please thoroughly review the salary information provided in the Banner Salary Planner Module and salary and direct expenditure data in Banner Budget Development. The Salary Planner totals should equal the summary reported within the appropriate Fund, Organization and Account Number in Self-Service.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in preparing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and for submitting your budgets on time.

Budget Preparation Instructions

Full-Time Positions

  • Review all full-time employees and open positions in the department to make sure that the positions in SSB Salary Planner accurately reflects your current organization for the current fiscal year. For the types of changes that may occur, please see the instructions below (Salary Changes and Corrections).
  • Review the current salaries for all full-time employees in SSB Salary Planner.  These should be the current salaries in the Payroll System as of September 14, 2021. 
  • Note that vacant positions will appear in salary planner by querying via ‘Position’ rather than by ‘Employee’.

Other Salary Accounts: Part-time, Student, Overtime, etc.

  • Review the dollar amounts in the non full-time accounts in the proposed budget column in SSB Budget Development.
  • Regular part time employees will be listed in Salary Planner.  Please focus on the accuracy of the hourly rate rather than the annual figures.  Salary Planner annual figures for part time are estimated by Banner based on default hours and are incorrect, not reflecting the budget.

Fringe Benefits

  • Fringe Benefits (payroll taxes, retirement, industrial insurance, and other insurance) are calculated automatically by Banner. At this time, we are not planning for increases to either Retirement or Health Insurance for the next fiscal year.

Please do not make changes to Salary (6000 series) Accounts in SSB Budget Development.  Changes to Salary accounts should be made on a Budget Request From (BRF).

Non-Personnel Budgets (7000 Direct Expenses)

  • We are limiting the next fiscal year budgets to no increases in the non-personnel (7000 series) expenditures at this time. If you wish to redistribute pooled budgets among areas under your supervision, you may do so as long as the total of these budgeted expenditures is equal to or less than the current fiscal year adjusted budget. Please submit your changes via the Self Service Budget Development Module.

Salary Changes and Corrections

Types of Changes to Positions:

  • A person has left the position or will be leaving the position at a given date; therefore, the position needs to be changed to a vacant position for the next fiscal year budget.
  • A vacant position has been filled (or will be filled) by a certain date; therefore, the vacant position needs to be assigned to a specific person at their starting salary.
  • A position has been eliminated and that position needs to be deleted from the budget.
  • A person will be on sabbatical for all or part of coming fiscal year, and a temporary replacement will be hired for that period. Please give details of sabbatical and the assumptions for temporary replacement.
  • A person is on sabbatical during the current year and will be returning for the next fiscal year. Please give the date of the return from sabbatical, the salary they will receive upon return and, if a temporary person will be terminated, the date of that termination.
  • Note: For vacant positions, we will assume, for budget purposes, that the person to be hired into that position will start at the salary level of the previous incumbent. If there is reason to believe that there will be an exception, please submit documentation for a different salary assumption.
  • All vacant positions will be budgeted for the entire period unless you indicate otherwise.
  • For full-time faculty, the salary should reflect the ongoing contract salary; it may not include additional compensation for other specific assignments.

If you have questions or need assistance with the base budget review process, please contact Duane Ransom.